Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WELCOME :) YEar of the Ox 2009..

is year of the OX lucky for a cancerian like me? and im year of the HORSE ... well i will just check later guys. and i will just pray that i will be more luckier this year 2009. leave the bad experiences, bad friends, wrong moves, wrong decisions, wrong people that i deal with, wrong views... instead move on and forget the past, face the future and the very important is practice ourselves to FORGIVE to anybody who hurt you, who wronged you, and so on... well just think that God was able to forgive all our sins.. stay HUMble... be yourself, and have faith in HIM.

new year for me is like new life , would be new LOOK? LOL hahahaha!!!yah i really did it right now. i fixed my hair, i lose weight, and iam happy... no more hurts, no more hatred ever, no more worries, coz the bible said, if you worry a lot of things, therefore you dont have faith in God and you dont trust in Him..

all am praying right now is that , i can be able to find job or my blogs will be in good condition to earn, hahahaha.. so that i will not depend on my sister's support. its really different if i will depend on her, its kinda shamefull and of course i want to earn, to support my kids, but still iam thankful to her since she helped me even if she will bug us for that issue. well enough for that, or else i will cry or tell a drama here.. LOL...

God thnx for the life and for the gift of life.. thnx for the forgiveness of all my sins, thnx for loving me as one of your favorite daughter. thanks for calling me to be your followers, i would admit that its not really easy, all am praying right now is that i will not do the things ive done before..

also thanks for all my readers and commentors on this site and to my other blogs.. more power to of us bloggers.... more $$$$$$$$$ these year for sure!!!!

Happy New YEAR!!!!!

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