Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WELCOME :) YEar of the Ox 2009..

is year of the OX lucky for a cancerian like me? and im year of the HORSE ... well i will just check later guys. and i will just pray that i will be more luckier this year 2009. leave the bad experiences, bad friends, wrong moves, wrong decisions, wrong people that i deal with, wrong views... instead move on and forget the past, face the future and the very important is practice ourselves to FORGIVE to anybody who hurt you, who wronged you, and so on... well just think that God was able to forgive all our sins.. stay HUMble... be yourself, and have faith in HIM.

new year for me is like new life , would be new LOOK? LOL hahahaha!!!yah i really did it right now. i fixed my hair, i lose weight, and iam happy... no more hurts, no more hatred ever, no more worries, coz the bible said, if you worry a lot of things, therefore you dont have faith in God and you dont trust in Him..

all am praying right now is that , i can be able to find job or my blogs will be in good condition to earn, hahahaha.. so that i will not depend on my sister's support. its really different if i will depend on her, its kinda shamefull and of course i want to earn, to support my kids, but still iam thankful to her since she helped me even if she will bug us for that issue. well enough for that, or else i will cry or tell a drama here.. LOL...

God thnx for the life and for the gift of life.. thnx for the forgiveness of all my sins, thnx for loving me as one of your favorite daughter. thanks for calling me to be your followers, i would admit that its not really easy, all am praying right now is that i will not do the things ive done before..

also thanks for all my readers and commentors on this site and to my other blogs.. more power to of us bloggers.... more $$$$$$$$$ these year for sure!!!!

Happy New YEAR!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eloisa MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) New Updates

just this after i called up her husband (Eloisa) because the last time i talked to him he said that its either DEcember 27,2008 she will give birth.

but yesterday her husband told me that the doctor did not allow or the doctor said that she cant give birth still, coz the baby is very small but the good news is the baby is ok and healthy. she might give birth on January 7-10,2009 thats the new schedule.

and i asked him if how is Ms. Eloisa.? he said that she kinda ok, still the doctor cant treat her because of the baby... i said to myself that thanks God that she and the baby are okay.. maybe our prayers are answered...

pls continue pray for them peeps... we know how hard it is if were in her shoes, we dont forget to thank God that were healthy and were so blessed.

still followers and readers on my blog, pls continue support her, if you think that you have extra and more blessed, please try to visit them. here's the contact # 09082244736.

see yah to my next updates and my latest post.. thanks for always visiting my blogs.

Happy Holidays to all!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

What Ive Got this Christmas!

this are the stuff ive got this christmas, thats my sister's present for me, she mailed it really for this christmas, how sweet of her huh? .. and she sent many make up's, chocolates, blouses, stufftoys, towels..
and now i decided to sell some of the make-up she sent coz its too many..
you guys would like to order? those are from japan, its imported and the colors are pastels, that would fit to your daily outfit... its only P150.00.
just post a comment if u want to order. see yah!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Nochebuena

me and my sone clyde ..... making pa cute LOL
eat mode, then pose.. kids are very happy of what we had during nochebuena. look at my brother? LOL

so cute my youngest matt-matt.. and my niece ate kaye...

thats what weve got.! but were so happy!
how did u celebrate your nochebuena huh?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

AM I Okay?

hmmm... maybe! i mean yes iam, iam going to celebrate my christmas with kids and my kuya. we dont have much preparation for the nochebuena. i just prepared enough food for us, and i think kids might sleep, i dont know if they can wake up, though they said that il wake them up if they're sleeping so that we all can celebrate the nochebuena.

this is the 2nd christmas after the brakeup of my hm.. well never mind. LOL

Merry Christmas to all..

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mommy's Best!

iam so pround of myself that i have 2 lovely and charming kids. why i said that? because i cant imagine myself giving birth both of them, that i was able to survive despites of all the trials and failures along my way. that i was able to guide them all by myself, and i have the guts to tell and explain to them for not having a dad with us, i know whats inside of them , i knew the feeling to grow up with out a daddy. but i told myself that i will do everything just for the two of them, that someday they be proud of me or they will grow up with respects, godfearing, and a good citizens. i'll just hope that i can guide them all through out of their lives, that i can live longer and protect them, no one can harm my kids, NEVER!

iam the mommy and a daddy at the same time, im just praying always that iam in goodhealth and strong so that i can do the things that i want to do for them. and also i will pray that all their dreams will come true. hope that they like me, that they will never give up, keep on fighting and struggling life, that the essense to live. fight and survive! hope that someday they will have their own family as in like WHOLE ONE FAMILy , that they will not experienced what i have experienced in life... thats my FEAR in life! a BROKEN FAMILY and it really happens to me ... whew life is beautiful and colorful, sometimes is bitter, its mean, but just be HIM always and you will be at ease!

i love you kids!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thats what Twins are For !

pls post your comments on this picture.. thnx :p

6 DAys more to GO!

my kids are very excited and they are counting the days for christmas.. am kinda curious whats in their minds huh?? can u guess? LOL

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Exchanging of Gifts!

my kids clyde and matt, and my niece kaye... are very excited with their respective christmas party at their school.. they are very bussy thinking of what they are goin to give with their manitos.. and so do I? iam the one who bought all their gifts and wrapped it... am sure they will enjoy their party

Sunday, December 14, 2008

PArents Day!

yesterday Holy Cross of Mintal celebrating PArents Day.. btw, my son and niece are enrolled to HCM.

it was so emotional and touching moments, why? because the students are exerting efforts to give something for their parents or guardians. some students gave messeges for parents.. saying sorry for being rude, insensitive, and disrespectful sometimes. they thanked for their parents for doing the best for them, trying to provide everything for their sons or daughter.

the main thought there is whatever happens parents are always there to support even if their child are bad or a rebel.

here's what ive got yesterday from my son Clyde and niece KAye:

the flower that my son "clyde" gave me ... he gave it late but its ok am so happy and touched. :P

the stuff my niece "kaye" gave me: a letter and a flower and token.. so cute.. i really cried. whew :D

the message of her card she gave me... see that? shes so cute ever!

its hard to be a mother , to be a father... but iam very happy.. thnx kids !

Friday, December 12, 2008

MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) Updates

many readers are posting comments on my post MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) episode "SANGGOL"..

most of them are asking the real situation of Mrs Eloisa right now, since she is expected to give birth by December 7 2008. by the way for those who do not know yet Eloisa is a cancer patient and she is pregnant. ..

for those people who are very concerns of and wants to know her situation right now.. this afternoon i called up her husband, and i asked him how is ELoisa now, he said, shes kinda okay, her OB said she cant give birth yet because the baby is very small, they extend it to December 27 2008 to January 7 2008. and also is suffering the pain during the time na mag popo siya.

for those who wants to know or wants to contact them , here's the cellphone number +639082244736

pls help me pray for Eloisa and her baby.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Happy Fiesta!

today is the feast of LAdy Immaculate Conception. and thats the fiest of Mintal Davao City... my tita julie mommyla of my son matt-matt invited me to go to their house coz she prepared a little food for fiesta.. she did not invites other because she is tired of preparing the stuff.. we are just few their and we still having fun talking, (tshismis) LOL ... some are playing tong-its with a Tanduay to drink.. HAHAHAHA...

Happy fiesta again!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

i Missed my Mom!

yeah i missed my mom, after she left goin back to our province. i really cried .. i felt emptiness and i want her to stay with us always, but she cant.. hahay :( ! i wish she will go back here and stay with us forever na.. hahahaa!!!! i love you MA.

1st Runner Up

my 2 yr and 11 months son matthew danielle is the 1st runner up of their school for the Araw ng Mintal.. its so ironic and funny winning the 1st runner up.. well, i will just not elaborate the story. LOL.. iam so proud and of my son because at his young age he was able to understand and participate the entire event. we didnt expect him that he will march with his partner, that he will keep on standing if hes on stage already.. but all we thought was wrong... he did do his best and hes so behave ... hes my boy! i love u baby... muah muah

whew all i did was there behind him and gave all my support that i can do, because his dad dont give a damn at all.. but its ok i can manage those stuff alone, or iam just used to be alone.. LOL

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Having a Good Heart!

remember my post about the story of MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya?) iam posting her story here because thats my way of helping her since i dont have cash to donate or help her out, this is my way of helping her and iam so glad that a lot of people and bloggers posting their comments that they wanted to help her for those who still dont know how to contact her i will paste one of the comments and she put all the details about Eloisa and how to reach her.
Hi! I was just looking for Eloisa's full name to include her in our prayers. I searched it at google and found this blog. Im currently in the US and one of my friends know her way back in high school. She said, Eloisa has been telling them that she has cancer but she seemed perfectly fine then, so nobody really payed much attention. So for Jaewon's question if the eldest son caused the cancer - definitely a no. She was diagnosed way before and was cured. But sometimes, cancer cells become active again, and like in her case, she was not able to treat it right away, it spread out affecting vital parts of her body. Well anyways, I sent some help for her thru my brother-in-law and was handed to Eloisa's husband. My brother-in-law was able to speak with Eloisa personally thru phone and she said that the operation scheduled on Dec 7th might be posponed. She's not eating so the baby has not enough nourishment to survive after birth. So she has a dextrose that I think is inserted in her neck (used to be in the arm, but vein is so weak and gets loose) to supply nourishment for the baby. According to my friend, she was at the hospital last week- Wed, and she was fine. But the following day, she was intubated and for some reason, the doctors found out there's something wrong with her lungs now. Let's continue to be in prayers for her. Her full name is Eloisa Salisi and let me know if you need her contact number. We're not friends in any way, but Im doing this hopefully to help her a little bit more. I won't be posting here her contact number to avoid pranks. Send me an email thru - if you are interested in getting in touch with her. She has a wireless (bayantel) landline in her room at the hospital, and if she has enough strength, you might be able speak with her. Let us please continue to pray for her. Thank you.


to those people who have good heart and wanted to share your blessings to Eloisa pls read this blog... merry christmas to all and more power !