Monday, December 22, 2008

Mommy's Best!

iam so pround of myself that i have 2 lovely and charming kids. why i said that? because i cant imagine myself giving birth both of them, that i was able to survive despites of all the trials and failures along my way. that i was able to guide them all by myself, and i have the guts to tell and explain to them for not having a dad with us, i know whats inside of them , i knew the feeling to grow up with out a daddy. but i told myself that i will do everything just for the two of them, that someday they be proud of me or they will grow up with respects, godfearing, and a good citizens. i'll just hope that i can guide them all through out of their lives, that i can live longer and protect them, no one can harm my kids, NEVER!

iam the mommy and a daddy at the same time, im just praying always that iam in goodhealth and strong so that i can do the things that i want to do for them. and also i will pray that all their dreams will come true. hope that they like me, that they will never give up, keep on fighting and struggling life, that the essense to live. fight and survive! hope that someday they will have their own family as in like WHOLE ONE FAMILy , that they will not experienced what i have experienced in life... thats my FEAR in life! a BROKEN FAMILY and it really happens to me ... whew life is beautiful and colorful, sometimes is bitter, its mean, but just be HIM always and you will be at ease!

i love you kids!

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