Wednesday, February 25, 2009

15 Simple, Inexpensive Ways to Care for Yourself

It is a falsehood that self-care is extravagant and expensive. Many women neglect themselves due to this black and white thinking, believing only the wealthy can afford to take care of themselves. But self-care is a mindset; not a bank account --- a good thing in our current economy. We all need to feel nurtured, loved and supported --- it creates meaning, depth and purpose in our daily lives, allowing us to be present to ourselves as well as to others. Too often, we seek these things in money and material goods, external symbols of care. But feeling rich has more to do with how you feel about yourself on the inside than about what you do or don't have on the outside. When you feel worthy and valuable, you treat yourself as worthy and valuable. Self-care, after all, is simply love in action. Fortunately, we don't have to spend a lot of money (or money we don't have) to feel nurtured. In fact, true self-care is none of those things. Just as eating too much food makes you feel sick, excessive indulgence feels badly, too. Debt, overspending and a house filled with things you don't use, need, or appreciate drains the spirit. Self-care enriches it. The trick to inexpensive self-care is using your creativity to meet your needs --- a tool I've used in cash crunches over the years. To get you thinking, here are 15 frugal ways to add self-care into your life:

1. Use the library.
The library is a self-care treasure trove. During a time in my life when a $10 pizza was a luxury, I used the library for much of my entertainment needs: I checked out armfuls of books, CDs, magazines, and videos for free. I didn't let my library's offerings stop me, either: I ordered books or videos that my library didn't have through interlibrary loan, for a mere $1.50. The best part was receiving the call that my interlibrary loan had arrived: Picking up the book that I was so eager to read was like a Christmas present.

2. Buy quality over quantity.
While I'm careful with how I spend my money, I'm likewise careful with what I spend my money on. I save for what I really want --- even if it takes me months or years to do so --- instead of buying a cheaper alternative that I can afford immediately. Buying what you want serves your spirit because it honors your need for beauty, quality, or choice. Too often, we buy junk, gadgets, knicknacks or things we don't need because we are surrounded by objects that don't speak to our truest hearts. So we search endlessly for it, parting with our money --- our life energy --- for things that only end up collecting dust, clutter our homes, or show up in the give away pile. When you give yourself permission to buy the $100 cashmere sweater instead of the $30 cotton one, you lose the deprived feeling that accompanies a habit of making do; settling for second best. That deprived feeling is often what leads to overspending in the first place. So my advice is don't settle. Buy the cashmere sweater. But do it mindfully: wait until you can pay cash, not credit. Likewise, reconsider how many sweaters you really need and wear. (My closet is spare, but I love and wear everything in it.) Swinging for the cashmere sweater may mean having four sweaters in your closet, instead of 10. In my experience, having one sweater that makes you swoon is preferable to ten that don't.

3. Learn how to do it yourself.
Do you love Chinese take-out, authentic Mexican, or gourmet pizza? With a recipe, basic lessons, or a tutorial from a friend, you can learn to make these yourself. Our family prides itself on cooking good food: we love to eat well. It makes us feel richly abundant on a daily basis. Likewise, you can learn decorating skills to transform your home, or how to give yourself a lavish mani/pedi. I've made my own jewelry, sewed clothes, pillows and curtains, and knitted scarves and shrugs. Learning a new skill has an extra side benefit: it feeds your self-esteem, as well as your spirit.

4. Make your own pampering products.
I make bath salts for friends and my own use. They take five minutes and cost pennies. I've also made my own face masks out of everyday kitchen ingredients ---- they are fantastic for my skin, and are a bargain when compared to organic skin care products.

5. Barter.
In today's consumer culture, we limit our creativity when we don't think of alternatives to buying. What about bartering for what you want, instead? I've swapped cooking for childcare; accounting for a cleaning service; a collage lesson for a jewelry making class. That sweater that is the wrong color on you? A friend might swap you for something in her closet that calls to you.

6. Ask around.
Are you looking for craft supplies? Put up a sign in a community bulletin board, like a friend of mine did: She received an entire bag of needles from a woman who no longer wanted them. Or try Freecycle, where you can use your neighbors to get (or give) things for free.

7. Give yourself the luxury of time. When I'm feeling frazzled, what I most crave is time: time to take a long shower, paint my nails, or read a book. How can you give yourself 20 or 30 minutes a day, a sacred space to cultivate your relationship with yourself? We often think we don't have the time, but how much of our daily lives is spent buying, scouting for things, or running errands (to buy)? Cutting down your consumption may create the very pockets of time you need to feel whole, without buying the new outfit.

8. Cultivate low-cost entertainment.
There are a myriad of ways to entertain yourself, without cost. I meet girlfriends for walks, or at the coffeehouse for tea: a $2 investment. I exercise outside or do yoga in my bedroom --- I run, bike and walk, all free, aside from my gear. We make the most of our Netflix subscription, getting "fun" movies as well as documentaries, how-to videos, or other educational entertainment. Book clubs and game nights are other ways of adding inexpensive joy. Check your local paper: you may be amazed at the wealth of free entertainment in your area.

9. Rest.
Too often, we give ourselves shabby alternatives to what we really need. Think of the times that you eat when you're really tired, or you push yourself to go to the mall when you really desire an evening of quiet. Give yourself the rest that you desire: go to bed earlier, take a nap (there's nothing that feels richer in the middle of the day), or spend a few hours puttering around the house.

10. Use the power of a group. My local art center has a woman's craft group that meets one evening a month for a girl's night out. A different woman directs the group each month, and offers instruction on everything from wire wrapping to batik dying. It's a fantastic way to learn a new hobby, with a minimal cost. I know other women who band together to tackle house projects, spending one Saturday month at a different girlfriend's house, painting or finishing another project that can be overwhelming for one person.

Change your expectations for entertaining. I used to think that I couldn't have people over unless my house was immaculate, my meal, gourmet and of multiple courses, my table, perfectly presented. But, while there is a time and place for a beautifully set table and a chef-quality meal, there is much freedom in lowering our expectations for entertaining as a whole. There is nothing wrong with paper plates, or a simple dinner of soup and salad. After all, having friends over for dinner is about enjoying their company, not impressing them with your domestic skills. Some of the best times I've spent with friends have been impromptu get togethers: the last minute nature of the meal means I don't fret over the food, but focus on the company.

12. Embrace potlucks.
We all crave variety, a richness of experience. When we have extra cash, it's easy to rely on money to meet this need: going out to eat because we're tired of our own cooking. Enjoy your friends' cooking instead. Host potluck parties: it's always fun to try new foods, and you get the rich feel of eating out without the rich expense. Potlucks also create a feeling of community, the connection that comes with sharing a meal. This interconnectedness with others is especially necessary when we're feeling afraid, anxious about our finances.

13. Share your wish list with friends and family.
Ask for what you need. After I had my baby and carried an extra 20 pounds, I lamented my lack of wardrobe options to a friend. She gave me a pair of her jeans that she was about to give away, and I wore them for many months. They were a welcome shift from my sweats, and I didn't have to fret about "wasting" money on something I wouldn't be using long-term. I have another friend who is a thrift store and garage sale hound. I'll mention my wishlist to her --- a laundry basket; art supplies; something for my kitchen --- and she often surprises me by finding the very thing I need, for pennies. If my birthday is coming up, and there's something I really desire, I let my family know: they're usually grateful for the guidance.

14. Host swaps with friends.
Ever had a "New to You" swap? Everyone brings things they no longer use, need or like --- this could be anything from clothing to household decor --- and you "shop" your friends' wares. This gives you the rich feeling of having something "new," without having to spend money: everyone leaves feeling happy.

15. Give yourself an allowance. There is something very empowering about having your "own" money. If you have a partner or spouse, tensions can arise over different expectations about spending vs. saving money. An allowance gives each person freedom to spend a small sum of money however they choose. Even if it's just $10 a month, I've found that giving myself a regular treat tames any feelings of lack or deprivation, particularly if I'm in a savings or pay-off-debt mode. Just knowing that I have a bit of money each month to spend as I choose quells those cravings to spend. Feeling cared for, pampered, nurtured, supported: they are all about creating feelings of love. It is from this love that life feels meaningful, even joyful, in the midst of the pain, trials and suffering that is a part of every human life. It's so easy to focus on our lack, our feelings of deprivation, the unfairness of our current economic situation. While most of us can honestly say we'd like more money in our lives right now, we can still feel loved --- by creating these experiences for ourselves, and others --- even when our pockets are empty. Want more of First Ourselves? Sign up for our free monthly newsletters on self-care, healing emotional eating, and loving your body. You can also download our free ebooks on overcoming sugar addiction or creating a healthy body image.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

9 of 10 Pinoys see worse times ahead - survey

Ive read this in the news paper, global crisis nowadays are getting more serious. and we Filipinos still dont do anything how to solved the said problem instead they kept on fighting with the things that which is not the solution of the problem.

MANILA, Philippines - Nearly nine out of 10 Filipinos see worse times in the next six months due to the global economic crisis, while six of 10 do not expect government to deal with the crisis well.

These were the highlights of a survey conducted on some 1,500 respondents last January by militant think tank IBON Foundation.

"As the country faces uncertainty in the face of the global economic downturn, the latest IBON survey shows that majority of Filipinos doubt that the administration will be able to address the crisis well," IBON said on its website.

It said the survey shows that out of the 86.2 percent respondents who were aware of the global crisis, 61.41 percent said government would not deal with the crisis adequately in the coming six months. Only 4.56 percent said it will deal with the crisis well, while 32.64 percent had no answer.

Worse, IBON said 87.94 percent of the respondents believe that the crisis would worsen their family's livelihood or income in the first half of the year. Only 9.13 percent said the crisis would not have any effect, while an even fewer 1.7 percent believe their situation will improve.

IBON said its survey was conducted from January 7 to 16, 2009 across various regions and sectors nationwide, with a margin of error of plus or minus three percent

So there is a saying that "if you want something in your life that you have never had, you must do something you have never done".. meaning try another alternatives, a sideline if we really a want a change in our life...

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Three in ONE Award!

Oh my GOD, as in like oh my ! a friend of me here in blogging community sudhersana, gave me this another award the so called Three in One Award.. i am so happy, proud, and whew i cant express it what i feel right now.
thank you so much my friend, you will be more blessed, more blessings to received, happy family ever, and happy blogging.

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I'm passing this award to the following friends here in the blogosphere:

1. coicoi
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9. Jan G
10 nikshufrev
I know many of the blogs above has lot of readers and it is difficult to select 10 among them so you can pass on this award to all your readers or it is upto you to decide what you want to do. Love all your blogs friends :) cheers!!

Best Mom Award!

happy family even no dad around.LOL the girl is my niece kaye.. i am the one whos taking care of her since her mom is sick before. but now my sister is very okay already.

gosh i really cant imagine that sudhersana will give me this BEST MOM AWARD!... i was so happy and i feel so blessed and proud being a mother. firstime ever! HAHAHAHA
and its really true that being a mother is not an easy task, its a lifetime responsibility. guiding them in the right path, teach them good attitudes, send them to school, and take good care of them. and its more harder in my part since i am a single mother. but i didnt think that way.. i just do my part being the mother,, though im not perfect!.. and im proud of my kids, my two lovely sons!
another pose of a happy family! hahahahha

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i'd also love to share this award to my friend

And I also love to pass the award I received from sudhersana :)
Thank you so much for accepting these awards, MOMS!
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In just a week!

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Friday, February 06, 2009


What is Vital C?
---- Vital C is Vitamin C in Sodium Ascorbate form. Vital C is non-acidic (alkaline 7.5 to 7.8 pH), it can be taken as much as preferred, without the negative effects of highly acidic Vitamin C tablets. Vital C is 100% pure and natural, 96% absorbed by the body, provides 12 to 14 hours of anti-oxidant protection, and it comes in real "Veggie Caps"

Some Conditions that will benefit from Vital C Sodium Ascorbate Supplementation:

* Mascular Degeneration
* Cataract
* Glaucoma
* Bleeding & Swollen Gums
* Allergic Rhinitis
* Bronchial Asthma
* Pulmonary Tuberculosis
* Different Forms of Arthritis
* Slipped Disc
* Thyroid Diseases
* Bruising
* Tiredness
* Weakness

Benefits of Taking Vital C

Strong Antioxidant ----protects the body against the dangers of toxic chemicals that causes diseases and aging.

Imune Booster/Anti-allergy --- strengthens the immune system to combat infections and lessens sensitivity to allergens.

Strengthening of the Connective Tissues --- Vitamin C is needed in producing collagen fibers in the body. Lack of collagen weakens the organs and systems and slows down the repair of the different parts of the body.

Natural Anti-Cholesterol ----- Vitamin C will prevent the oxidation of the "bad cholesterol" avoiding the clogging of blood vessels. It helps lower the cholesterol in the blood.

Prevents Thickening of Blood ----- Heart attacks and strokes are often due to the clumping of platelets. Vitamin C will prevent this and results in the thinning of blood.

Strengthens and Dilates Blood Vessels ----- the weakening of the blood vessel wall results in damage, clogging up the artery. Vitamin C's role in increase repair. It also dilates the vessels for the better blood flow.

Helps Burn Fat --- Vitamin C mobilizes the fat deposits, increases metabolism to produce energy, consequently aids in the maintenance of proper weight.

Liver Cleanser/Detoxifier --- Vitamin C is needed to produce natural glutathione in the liver. This in turn, being an anti-oxidant, neutralizers the toxic chemicals entering the liver.

Removes Heavy Metals ----- lead, mercery, aluminun and other heavy metals are toxic to the body. Poor ,memory, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease are someof their bad effects. The removal of heavy metals from tissues is aided by Vitamin C.

Anti-Virus ---- viral infection releases a lot of destructive chemical lowering the Vitamin C reserves of the body. Supplementing will bring back the Vitamin C level resulting in a strong immune reaction againts the virus. This will shorten the course of the infection.

Enhance Fertility --- toxic chemicals damage the reproductive system, lessens the quality of sperms and egg. Intake of Vitamin C will improve and repair the reproductive components of the body.

Aside from those things about Vital C, the other thing about this product is that you can earn money... HOw? if you are really interested then comments from this post..

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