Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heavy Rain

this morning, i got pissed off with the rain because me and my son matt was so wet goin to school, and it took so long for us to get a ride goin to school, i said to myself.. (hindi lang to exam naku... we will not go to school ever)LOL.. good thing their is a taxi coming and we arrived at school at exactly 9:00am we were late for an hour ... hahaha.. watta DAY !

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thank You!

as ived check my blog this afternoon, i was so happy and amazed that there are 8 comments on my post just last night about MMK or MAalaala Mo Kaya.. a story of a pregnant and she has cancer. they iam so thankful that in a simple way i was able to help Eloisa by posting her story here. and many people who has soft hearted and they wanted to help Eloisa.. and they're asking me how to contact her or how to make donations because the number they gave is not in service accordiing to the other commnentor.pls try to help me on how or where if somebody wants to donate or help her out.. and pls try this link also

again just post a comment on this post if you have any idea how to reach Eloisa.. thnx again and more power .. Godbless you all!!!

MMK ( Maalaala Mo Kaya)

Episode TItle: ===SANGGOL===

ive just watched the MMK tonight, i really cried, i admired her (Eloisa) the woman who is married with one kid, and she knew that she has a cancer already.. at first she treated herself by her own, she did not inform or tell her husband nor her parents about her cancer,she carried the pain by her own at first. and as time goes by her husband noticed that Eloisa dont have any savings in the bank, and he is thinking bad with his wife, and that was the time that Eloisa told him about her cancer. and to add Eloisa is the one who providing for her own family, her mom and dad and her younger brother.

as time goes by they've noticed that she is carrying another angel with her tummy. and the doctor said that its not safe or good for her to get pregnant because of her cancer. but still Eloisa insist to continue her pregnancy, she took risk for the life of her baby. she is really a brave woman, a mother and wife.. she is willing to die and save her baby.. isnt it admiring? a girl power!!!!! a real love from a mom to her baby.. i myself can feel the pain inside of her and the love she gave towards her family..

i really wanted to help her, but financially iam drained also.. all i can do to help Eloisa and to save her baby, is to post this and accept donors from you readers.. just put a comments that you want to help even a little amount. or simply log on to pls am waiting for your response guys.. thank you so much for all your help!

they will gave birth on December 7,2008 to her baby Amiel Ian.. save the life of the baby!

Godbless you all!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Small but Deadly!

Ants may look small and helpless. but never underestimate them, because there's one ant species that is considered as the most venomous insect in the world. This small but deadly insect is called the Maricopa harvester ant (Pogonomyrmex maricopa).
The MAricopa harvester ant can be found in Arizona, United States. Harvester ants tend to be very fierce when they sense danger near their home colonies, so having a deadly venom is their trademark.
Insect venoms are basically made up of amino acids, peptides, and proteins. the special feature of the harvester ant's venom is that it has alkaloid as poison. this ant puts poison on its enemies by holding a part steady using its pincers. it then stings the animal a lot of times, making the poison enter the animal's body.
the VEnom of the harvester ant is said to be very poisonous as it can make a 2-kilogram rat drop dead with 12 stings. this ant surely beats other bigger insects, like the honey bee, as for as venom is concerned.
The harvester ant is one example that the power of things cant be seen just on size alone. harvester ants are indeed small but mighty.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to Fight the Itch!

REddish, itchy blotches suddenly appear on your arms and face. you feel so itchy. what could these be?

Those could be rashes. one of the most common types of rash is called allergic contact dematitis. this is the kind of rash that you get from touching the things you are allergic to ---- or allergens. allergens may be in the form of hair dye, rubber, nickel, or any other allergy-causing materials. nickel is the metal that is found in some of your jewelry pieces. for example, if you are allergic to nickel, then your neck might feel itchy and irritated when you wear a necklace.

when red and scaly spots start to appear on your body, do not ever try to scratch them. be just remember the following tips on how to deal with your itchy enemy:

* right after the contact with an allergen, wash the area with soap and water.
* place wet cloth on top of the area with allergies.
* apply calamine lotion to lessen the itchiness.
* know the cause (allergen) and avoid close contact with it.

so the next time rashes appear on your body, you now know how to fight the the itch.

i myself experienced these type of problem. iam allergic of any fake jewelries, they will say that iam maarte but honestly iam not.. i really love fashion jewelries however, i cant use them ... whew :P

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Recollection :)

when you heard of a word recollection, what comes first in your mind? its a religious contemplation, the action or power of recalling to mind.. yesterday, i attended a recollection at Holy Cross of Mintal coz my niece Kaye is goin to have her First Communion.. the invitation said it will start at 7:30 AM.. whew that early, and so i woke up early and prepare myself. i arrived at exactly 725am there. one (1) sister saw me and she smiled at me and she said, wow you're early very nice and she made a joke pa.. (she said, makalibre jud ko nimu pamahaw and i just laugh) iam the first who arrived in the AVR. and so i just sat down there and waited for the other parents to come. and they started at exactly 830am though some came late.

ive learned a lot from the lecture of the speaker .. the TOpic is about Eucharist and SIn. whew.... kinda complicated and broad topic.. ive just learned that we as an individual are born as sinners, coz its started ADan and EVe, they committed sin in the Paradise of the Lord. but still doesnt mean that we are sinners theirs no more chance to enter the kingdom of GOd. Their is, as long as we will ask forgiveness of all our sins.

ive also learned about parenting, because the speaker also discussed about it. since were all parents there and its really intended for us the said recollection. we parents are be very careful of what we do, what we say, because our children might imitate us, we have to be the role model for them, a good example for them, though its really hard ... but thats our responsibility being a parent.

and after the 1 hour of the discussion, they hired priests for us to confess... whew i said to myself i will really have to confess all my sins.. and now i feel that my heart is not heavy, i mean it was released, knowing that i confessed already. i went home and i feel great and happy.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Animals ARe kind Beings, TOO

when a poor man decides to adopt a homeless child, he is called altruistic (altruism is an act of doing things selflessly). sometimes we are altruistic without knowing it. but did you know that even animals can be altruistic, too?

in May 2005, a Border Collie nursed two newborn tigers at thee Heifei Zoo in China. In September 2006, a Dachshund in the United States adopted kittens.

even birds do it. A Florida scrub jay was spotted to help its own species in breeding. fierce lions are joining the bandwagon of over 220 birds and 120 mammals and variety of other animals.

such unexplainable behavior of animals actually reveals a flaw in Charles Darwin's Theory of natural selection, which states that "animals behave in a competitive manner to be able to survive.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

baby matt got confined

whew my son matthew got a fever last week, it started with a cough and cold. then after few days he has fever already.. and i was so scared and as a mother it is really normal to over react, because mother wants the best for their children.. and so last sunday night his fever is reaching the temperature of 38.5. and i gave him paracetamol,, and it helps naman so far. but till monday whole day he has still a fever and ive notice something on his stool. but i didnt gave a damn on it.until monday night hes fever again is reaching 40 and it never goes down to normal even if i did gave him paracetamol and he kept on making pooo pooo and its really like and LBM.. both of us dont have sleep , coz he cant sleep though am so sleepy but i didnt sleep .. i just play with him that night ,,, and 6am in the morning i decided to bring him in the hospital coz hes not normal anymore... hes lossing energy.. my mom and i run to SAN pedro Hospital and see?? he is already dehydrated.. whew and the findings is he got AMOEBA...we just stayed one night and 2 days in the hospital .. thank you so much LORD for hearing my prayers...

the doctors said,, no sweets and no fatty foods for a week.. so diet muna sa chocolates my baby matthew LOL .. and also distilled water only to drink... whew

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


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