Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to Fight the Itch!

REddish, itchy blotches suddenly appear on your arms and face. you feel so itchy. what could these be?

Those could be rashes. one of the most common types of rash is called allergic contact dematitis. this is the kind of rash that you get from touching the things you are allergic to ---- or allergens. allergens may be in the form of hair dye, rubber, nickel, or any other allergy-causing materials. nickel is the metal that is found in some of your jewelry pieces. for example, if you are allergic to nickel, then your neck might feel itchy and irritated when you wear a necklace.

when red and scaly spots start to appear on your body, do not ever try to scratch them. be just remember the following tips on how to deal with your itchy enemy:

* right after the contact with an allergen, wash the area with soap and water.
* place wet cloth on top of the area with allergies.
* apply calamine lotion to lessen the itchiness.
* know the cause (allergen) and avoid close contact with it.

so the next time rashes appear on your body, you now know how to fight the the itch.

i myself experienced these type of problem. iam allergic of any fake jewelries, they will say that iam maarte but honestly iam not.. i really love fashion jewelries however, i cant use them ... whew :P

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