Thursday, November 13, 2008

baby matt got confined

whew my son matthew got a fever last week, it started with a cough and cold. then after few days he has fever already.. and i was so scared and as a mother it is really normal to over react, because mother wants the best for their children.. and so last sunday night his fever is reaching the temperature of 38.5. and i gave him paracetamol,, and it helps naman so far. but till monday whole day he has still a fever and ive notice something on his stool. but i didnt gave a damn on it.until monday night hes fever again is reaching 40 and it never goes down to normal even if i did gave him paracetamol and he kept on making pooo pooo and its really like and LBM.. both of us dont have sleep , coz he cant sleep though am so sleepy but i didnt sleep .. i just play with him that night ,,, and 6am in the morning i decided to bring him in the hospital coz hes not normal anymore... hes lossing energy.. my mom and i run to SAN pedro Hospital and see?? he is already dehydrated.. whew and the findings is he got AMOEBA...we just stayed one night and 2 days in the hospital .. thank you so much LORD for hearing my prayers...

the doctors said,, no sweets and no fatty foods for a week.. so diet muna sa chocolates my baby matthew LOL .. and also distilled water only to drink... whew

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