Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) NEw Updates

sorry guys i wasn't able to update you about Ms ELoisa the cancer patient who is pregnant. actually the schedule was JAn 10, 2008 she will have the C-session,... and yesterday i texted her husband if the C-session is successful, however he didnt replied.
just this afternoon, i gave a ring to her husbands cell number, at first his voice is chocking and i can feel that hes not that okay... so in introduce my self to him, and he said oh yes mam, then i asked him if hows Ms. Eloisa now, did she give birth already? how the operation? he just said, actually not yet, her doctor moved it tomorrow.. and i have many questions in mind that i want to ask,. but he seems dont want to give a detail about it. and i understand him.
please help me praying for Ms. Eloisa to be safe, and the baby. that she will not die after giving birth, that she will live longer for her family.
to those who wants to help them financially.. please call this number 09082244736. if you think that you are blessed enough share it to them please... and the return blessing to those people who are willing to help will receive thousand folds from what you've shared to the needy.

Pray for Ms. Eloisa!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

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Friday, January 09, 2009

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

No third party in Jolina-Bebong break-up?

just this morning when i watched in the television and its showbiz news.. i saw Jolina MAgdangal was being intervied by the press and she actually confirmed that the rumor about the break up with her boyfriend Bebong Muñoz is true, and she dont want to give further details about what had happen, she'd rather keep it for herself instead, she added...

and this afternoon ive read an article in the news paper, about also their break-up, its seems that all the shobiz news, and tabloids, the topic is about the break-up.. well its kinda shocking to all maybe, specially to her fans because she commits herself to that guy, and they were 6 years huh?.. that long.. life is like that.. LOL..

and here's the conversation between her dad Jun, her manager as well, when he was inteviwed by Ricky Lo,


Recalled Jun, “On Christmas Eve, the whole family had our noche buena. The next day, Christmas Day, we were at home entertaining our relatives. On Dec. 26, the whole family went to Tagaytay, except for Jolina who stayed behind because she said she was fixing her things; aayusin daw niya ang kanyang room. She followed us on Dec. 28 and that’s when she very casually told us that she had broken up with Bebong. Ganoon lang ka-simple.”

Even if he noticed that something was “unusual” (like Bebong’s absence at the Magdangal residence last Christmas), Jun said that he kept things to himself and didn’t bother to ask Jolina.

“As her manager,” said Jun, “I mind only her professional life. Hands off ako pagdating sa kanyang personal life, especially sa kanyang love life.”

But Jun was sure that there’s no “third party” in the break-up.

Bebong left on Dec. 30 for the States where, as far as Jun said he knew, he’s going to work, which means that he’ll be away for a long while."

well if its a long distance love affair its hard to both parties, they might not understand something, or maybe lack of communication .. communication is a most fundamental between both parties in a relationships..

actually im not a fan of Jolina Magdangal, but my younger sister do.. but i knew how it feels after the break-up.... whew LOL

Monday, January 05, 2009

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Friday, January 02, 2009

WHat I Did For New Year?

feeling cover girl of YES magz.. LOL
pose with my youngest son matthew danielle hes 3 yrs old

pose with my eldest son darrylle von clyde.. hes turning 14 yrs old

pose withmy outlaws.. HAHAHA... just kidding... shes kissey one of my bestfriend shes the sister of my past. LOl and the other girl is NEneng, wife of Belly couzin of my past... LOL and baby REnz... hes so cute
actually, i did not prepare anything for the midnight for NEw YEar. i was really tired and i have a fever that night because i cleaned the entire house since the renovation is not yet finish... so i dont have enough energy to cook or prepare a food for to eat during the might.
i did not even bought fruits (the 12 kinds of circle fruits) for they said its for "good luck " LOL i just pray to HIm that even if i dont have those stuff pls shower us more blessings for the 2009.
and also my neighbor my best friend as well, she went to our house just to great happy new year and i did the same thing to her and she asked me if what i have, and i said i dont have anything to eat because i was really tired the whole day. and she said , dont worry il get something to eat to our house because i prepared a simple dinner for us. and i said to myself God is soooo GOOD anytime that HE is really a good provider just ask and He's always willing to give.
and also my close friends texted me January 1, 2009 that they wanted to have dinner with us and they will bring foods for us.. see? i really did not expect those things to happen.. and they also invited us to join them to go to the beach and bring the kids.. such a blessings to us that there are people who have good heart and very kind as well.. thank you so much guys i realy cant forget this , you may have more blessings to receive and more power to all your career.
welcome 2009 to all!