Sunday, January 11, 2009

MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) NEw Updates

sorry guys i wasn't able to update you about Ms ELoisa the cancer patient who is pregnant. actually the schedule was JAn 10, 2008 she will have the C-session,... and yesterday i texted her husband if the C-session is successful, however he didnt replied.
just this afternoon, i gave a ring to her husbands cell number, at first his voice is chocking and i can feel that hes not that okay... so in introduce my self to him, and he said oh yes mam, then i asked him if hows Ms. Eloisa now, did she give birth already? how the operation? he just said, actually not yet, her doctor moved it tomorrow.. and i have many questions in mind that i want to ask,. but he seems dont want to give a detail about it. and i understand him.
please help me praying for Ms. Eloisa to be safe, and the baby. that she will not die after giving birth, that she will live longer for her family.
to those who wants to help them financially.. please call this number 09082244736. if you think that you are blessed enough share it to them please... and the return blessing to those people who are willing to help will receive thousand folds from what you've shared to the needy.

Pray for Ms. Eloisa!


aney said...

hello thank you for always updating on eloisa. i'm always trying to find updates on her but you're the only one that has new updates. do you know if she had the baby yet and if she's ok?

honeywfb said...

:) mag dasal tayo para sa kanya.. sa ngayon yun rin lang maitutulong ko.. sana maging maayos lahat.. :) salamat nga pala sayo sa pag post ng balita:)