Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being a Mom

iam a mother of 2 boys, namely Darrylle Von Clyde 13 yrs old and Matthew Danielle 2.9 years of age. i was a mom when i was 16 years of age, i committed mistakes at that young age, i myself dont know what to do that time, my mom keep on bugging me, nagging me for what ive done.. i keep on crying coz i really dont know what to do.. so what else i can do? than to raise the child, so when i gave birth, i dont even know how to take care my baby, how to take a bath with him, how to change diapers and how to clean the mess when he will poo poo.. it really really hard for me that time,, thanks God i have my auntie with me to guide me even if she keeps on nagging me and telling me what to do. i keep on crying the same time, coz i feel that im alone and no one cares us. my mom that time was not around coz she sent me to my uncle to avoid seeing the father of my baby.. that was the tough experience i experienced in my whole life.

and now my son is 13 years old, hes in 2nd yr high school. so hard headed whew... but i want to be his bestfriend, his buddy in life.. i want him to be open with me.. and now hes starting courting.. and i said NO NO NO please. i told him to enjoy his youth while his young, i dont want him to experience what i have experienced, though hes a guy its still not an excuse, coz they said its okay with him to have a girlfriend at young age, its still a no no no for me.. i want him to be responsible in all means...

and my youngest matthew, i sent him to school also hehhee hes just a visitor in their school ... but iam happy coz he can recognize all the colors, names of the animals and the likes..

i want to give the best of them. i even resigned at work just for them. i decided to stop working since i dont have a baby sitter anymore.. and its really different if we mom are the one who will take good care of our children.

iam happy being singlemom though its not really really easy to be one.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hunnyken's Farm

whew such a day off for me.. we've been to hunnyken's farm .Team Pahak had a tour in kenly's farm located in istorga toril... whew its about 35 hectares that big? yah that big

here's the evidences: LOL this is ken ken and alfie.. taking pitcutures with the other participants of the suvivor philippines LOL
alliance church . the oldest church in their place...

hes name is Don keny santamaria LOL .. grinning while his guiding us to his farm .. whew
wowwwwwwww pomelo.... not our luck coz its not ripe then..
coconut tress... and with a horse.. wana ride??? LOL

durian tree... it has 200 durian trees
mango.... it has also 200 mango trees...
whew... durian, banana, lansones..
a (batis) look at that??? so natural

Thursday, October 16, 2008

PR3 Discount Furniture Store


THEIR MISSION ----- Our mission is simple- Become the #1 low cost e- commerce furniture website in the world.

samples :

office desks

office workstation

for more samples of their products of the DEfy Supply .

If you look at their products, and then all their competitors, you'll quickly see the staggering price difference. For example, the price of their acrylic bar stools that DEFY SUPPLY sell for $53, you can't find anywhere else for less than $93. So, why do we sell it for $53? Why not just charge $73? It is because $53 is what the bar stool costs to produce and ship....that's it. DEFFY SUPPLY sell all the furniture for what they cost....not what we think we can get away with charging. We were created to eliminate all the unnecessary margins, markups and middle-men so that consumers can finally buy their products for their true prices. To do this, we simply act as the bridge that connects the world's producers directly with their consumers so that you will never have to overpay again.

Here's the Advantages:

Price: Since the world's top manufacturers are competing against each other, it is very difficult for any of our prices to be beaten.

Shipping: All of our prices include shipping to your door! We have unmatched shipping rates which only adds to your savings. By including the shipping, you can really appreciate your true savings.

Hassle free: Our multi- lingual staff around the world takes care of every logistical and administrative issue until the product gets to your door. Flexibility: We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy these savings, regardless of their order size. So, for example, we can sell to you if you're a family looking for 4 dining chairs, or a chair distributor looking for 4,000.

Quality guarantee: The manufacturers guarantee all their products for AT LEAST 1 year. If your product is defective, the manufacturer will send you a replacement. We only work with the most reliable suppliers that have passed all of our quality inspections.

DEFFY SUPPLY also have independent inspectors who carefully examine all the goods before they are shipped.

Monthly membership is only $4.99/month

Allows you to receive even better prices, and give you more payment flexibility.


Members receive even lower prices, and more flexible payment schedules

Strongly recommended for frequent purchasers, and purchasers of large quantities

You will receive a username and password upon registration, which you'll use to sign in and receive the benefits

On the few items that do not have different member pricing, members receive gift receipts

Minimum: 6 months.


Customers: Customer care email:

Manufacturers:If you are a manufacturer and would like to apply for our screening process, email us at: Mailing address: DefySupply P.O. Box 47852

Minneapolis, MN 55447 By phone:Call us toll free at: 1-800-899-1459

Our hours of operation are 9AM-5PM CST M-F

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday PArty of AMber

THe Party is held @ Jolibee MAtina 2nd Floor 4PMshes AMber Osinar today is her 3rd bday... and shes a classmate of my son MAtthew DAnielle
Amber's DAdi Edward.. i wasnt able to get a chance to have a picture with her mom , her mom is very bz entertaining other guests

Me and my son MAtthew....

MAtthew and Ayen,, shes also a classmate of my son.. shes also 2 yrs and 5 months , shes the youngest in there class

Amber's birthday cake... so girly girly.. hehehehe

games games.... its trip to jerusalem.. but my son did not won the game at all.. LOL

JOlibeeee.... the mascot,,, and my son is soooo afraid with him.. and hes hiding under the table LOL

did u see MAtthew there?? u can see him there.. hes afraid, unlike other kids, their enjoying playing with Jolibee.. whew
and so the party ended at around 6:00PM

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Birthday PArty Invitation

my son Matthew Danielle is 2 years and 9 months old. but we sent him to school, its just a public nursery school and hes only a visitor there. LOL and one of his classmate Amber a 3 year old gurl is having a birthday party tomorrow.. and its funny thing coz only 3 of them among 36 pupils are invited .. LOL

my son .... hes so adorable and talented kid :)

the pary will be held in Jolibee matina @ 4:00 pm October 14, 2008

whew what would be our gift for AMber?? whew.... help me think pls? :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My New Circle of Friends

Team Pahak is now my new circle of friends online .. though i never meet some of the them from that team and the others who are present to this mini gathering. we went to the ANgel Beach RESort located in matina aplaya davao city.

here are our pics :

this is the place where the videoke machine is placed. whew no one dares to sing..LOL coz their not yet drunk .. whew

the cottage were renting.. whew its P400 ... hmmmm

the beach..... though not that clear but so nice to look at..

me and lady_jhuly ... its the first time we meet in person and shes so nice and charming.. whew !where about to sing but before that... pose pose for a moment LOL
me and `shantall.. the gurl knows my sercret LOL.. shes so nice also and so sexy..:) its the first time also i meet her... but seems were so closed.. can u see? :)

our food. its chicken lechon and rice and banana, softdrinks, junk fooodsssss a lot of junk foods whew.. can u see the EMPERADOR? whew its for the boys only .. LOL

our cups.. with our names.. soo cool and soo cute.. thats wat friends are for..

the whole team.. namely alfie, `shantall, Marlboro, kaia, lady_jhuly, Nathz, Annonymouzz, drawde, and me carrine_f_30.. the one who took this picture is `d3ncio..

Friday, October 10, 2008

Is Walking really good for the Heart?

Walki and other cardiovascular activities strengthen the heart, increase blood circulation, and deliver exygen and nutrients more effectively in the body. walking pushes the heart to pump more blood.


****** Walking helps manage weight. with a healthy diet and physical activity

****** it controls blood pressure. its strengthens the heart so it pumps more blood with less effort and less pressure on the arteries.

****** it decreases the risk of heart diseases. walking can also reduce the risk of a heart attack.

****** it boosts good cholesterol. the major cause of heart attack is the accumulation of low-density lipoproteins that cause plaque buildup along the artery walls.

****** it lowers the rish of a stroke

****** it reduces the risk of a stroke.

****** it reduces the risk of breast cancer and type 2 diabetes.

****** it strengthens muscles, bones, and joints.

a steady routine such walkin for at least 30 minutes for five or more days a week is recommended to develop a good and healthy lifestyle..

****** hope you guys will apply this to your daily life .. whew********

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kris Aquino’s musical tribute to her mom

ive just read this to a newspaper that Ms Kris Aquino TV Hosts, actress, endorser has a musical tribute to her mom..
heres the story :
Close this MANILA, Philippines—Like her or dislike her, Kris Aquino has always been newsworthy. But, there’s good reason why “The Greatest Love,” her latest “album,” especially deserves to be heard. No, the 37-year-old actress-TV host doesn’t sing in it. Instead, she gathers a playlist of beautiful songs and heartfelt prayers to pay tribute to her mom, former President Corazon C. Aquino, who’s been diagnosed with colon cancer.
In the album, Kris paints an intimate portrait of her mother as a private person. This time around, her famed candor doesn’t dispense self-indulgent ramblings about how she figures in the bigger scheme of things, but instead offers heartwarming nuggets of revelatory information about her illustrious family and how they’re coping during this difficult time.
Inspirational duet
In the album, before Regine Velasquez and Lani Misalucha render their smashing cover of the inspirational Whitney Houston-Mariah Carey duet, “When You Believe,” Kris tells her mother: “Dear Mom, I hope and pray that when you’re reading this, you’re okay. We didn’t want to add to your burden by showing you how torn up we all were when we found out about your cancer.
“When Viel told me (about it), I felt the world crashing down, and all the weight was centered on my heart and stomach. I cried uncontrollably, I threw up so much, wanting to purge myself of the worst possible news. Memories came rushing back, and I wanted to share them with you, just so you’d know how much being your baby has meant to me.”
As Kris looks back, she coats her memories with 13 well-chosen tracks, performed by some of the music industry’s most beautiful voices, among them Martin Nievera (“The Greatest Love of All”), Gary Valenciano (“Isn’t She Lovely?”), Ogie Alcasid (“Ugoy ng Duyan”) and Piolo Pascual, who sings Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinman’s “No Matter What.”
Also notable are Billy Crawford’s reworked version of James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is,” Jay-R’s soothing “A Song for Mama,” Mcoy Fundales’ “Bless the Beast and the Children,” and Ronnie Liang’s inspired remake of Carol Banawa’s hit ballad, “Iingatan Ka.”
Vivid recollections
Understandably, these beautiful tunes take the back seat when Kris begins sharing her touchingly vivid recollections: When she lost in a declamation contest in second grade; how Cory gathered Kris and her siblings to pray the Rosary after getting a call from a foreign news agency and learning about Ninoy’s assassination; Cory and Kris’ brother, Noynoy, literally dragging her after a bomb exploded outside her bedroom window in Arlegui, etc.
But, the most touching part of Kris’ “open letter” is an earnest apologia: “When the doctors during colonoscopy asked when your last operation was, you told them it was while giving birth to me via Caesarian section—when your blood pressure went to zero and you hemorrhaged because of placenta previa. That was just a preview of the stress, suffering and heartaches that were to come, courtesy of me.
“I’m sorry, Mom, for all the times I wasn’t the daughter you deserved. The best thing I ever heard said about me during my last birthday was that I was a loving daughter. I know I am, because having you as a mom makes my job easy. I may have stumbled, fumbled and grumbled—and yet, you never stopped believing that I’d eventually find my way.”

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pain , Pain , Go Away

actually ive just read this article and i want to share it with guys for more information.. LOL

If someone tells you that his or her brain is in pain, well, you should not believe that person. the human brain does not feel pain; it can only tell which part of the body hurts. so, when your head hurts, it is not your brain that hurts but the different parts of your body.

in fact, a heacache occurs through the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves. did you notice that all those parts are outside the skull? this is how a headache happens: blood vessels and muscles swell or tighten. then, they put pressure on nerves. finally, the nerves send signals about an incoming headache to the brain. thus, a headache is born!

headaches usually go away after a person has rested or slept. however, if you do get a headache, always tell an adult immediately. they can take you to a doctor, so you will know if you do have a headache and how to prevent future headache attacks. you may be given medicine, (such as paracetamol)

now i know... LOL :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Its Just ME in Different Shades :)

collection of sunglasses, though not all are branded. LOL

<--- amd with my bestfriend TATA, i missed her so much now, i havent seen her for almost 2 years, whew that long. hope shes doin fine and her 2 babies.. (missed u gurl)muah :)