Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pain , Pain , Go Away

actually ive just read this article and i want to share it with guys for more information.. LOL

If someone tells you that his or her brain is in pain, well, you should not believe that person. the human brain does not feel pain; it can only tell which part of the body hurts. so, when your head hurts, it is not your brain that hurts but the different parts of your body.

in fact, a heacache occurs through the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves. did you notice that all those parts are outside the skull? this is how a headache happens: blood vessels and muscles swell or tighten. then, they put pressure on nerves. finally, the nerves send signals about an incoming headache to the brain. thus, a headache is born!

headaches usually go away after a person has rested or slept. however, if you do get a headache, always tell an adult immediately. they can take you to a doctor, so you will know if you do have a headache and how to prevent future headache attacks. you may be given medicine, (such as paracetamol)

now i know... LOL :)

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