Thursday, October 16, 2008

PR3 Discount Furniture Store


THEIR MISSION ----- Our mission is simple- Become the #1 low cost e- commerce furniture website in the world.

samples :

office desks

office workstation

for more samples of their products of the DEfy Supply .

If you look at their products, and then all their competitors, you'll quickly see the staggering price difference. For example, the price of their acrylic bar stools that DEFY SUPPLY sell for $53, you can't find anywhere else for less than $93. So, why do we sell it for $53? Why not just charge $73? It is because $53 is what the bar stool costs to produce and ship....that's it. DEFFY SUPPLY sell all the furniture for what they cost....not what we think we can get away with charging. We were created to eliminate all the unnecessary margins, markups and middle-men so that consumers can finally buy their products for their true prices. To do this, we simply act as the bridge that connects the world's producers directly with their consumers so that you will never have to overpay again.

Here's the Advantages:

Price: Since the world's top manufacturers are competing against each other, it is very difficult for any of our prices to be beaten.

Shipping: All of our prices include shipping to your door! We have unmatched shipping rates which only adds to your savings. By including the shipping, you can really appreciate your true savings.

Hassle free: Our multi- lingual staff around the world takes care of every logistical and administrative issue until the product gets to your door. Flexibility: We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy these savings, regardless of their order size. So, for example, we can sell to you if you're a family looking for 4 dining chairs, or a chair distributor looking for 4,000.

Quality guarantee: The manufacturers guarantee all their products for AT LEAST 1 year. If your product is defective, the manufacturer will send you a replacement. We only work with the most reliable suppliers that have passed all of our quality inspections.

DEFFY SUPPLY also have independent inspectors who carefully examine all the goods before they are shipped.

Monthly membership is only $4.99/month

Allows you to receive even better prices, and give you more payment flexibility.


Members receive even lower prices, and more flexible payment schedules

Strongly recommended for frequent purchasers, and purchasers of large quantities

You will receive a username and password upon registration, which you'll use to sign in and receive the benefits

On the few items that do not have different member pricing, members receive gift receipts

Minimum: 6 months.


Customers: Customer care email:

Manufacturers:If you are a manufacturer and would like to apply for our screening process, email us at: Mailing address: DefySupply P.O. Box 47852

Minneapolis, MN 55447 By phone:Call us toll free at: 1-800-899-1459

Our hours of operation are 9AM-5PM CST M-F


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