Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being a Mom

iam a mother of 2 boys, namely Darrylle Von Clyde 13 yrs old and Matthew Danielle 2.9 years of age. i was a mom when i was 16 years of age, i committed mistakes at that young age, i myself dont know what to do that time, my mom keep on bugging me, nagging me for what ive done.. i keep on crying coz i really dont know what to do.. so what else i can do? than to raise the child, so when i gave birth, i dont even know how to take care my baby, how to take a bath with him, how to change diapers and how to clean the mess when he will poo poo.. it really really hard for me that time,, thanks God i have my auntie with me to guide me even if she keeps on nagging me and telling me what to do. i keep on crying the same time, coz i feel that im alone and no one cares us. my mom that time was not around coz she sent me to my uncle to avoid seeing the father of my baby.. that was the tough experience i experienced in my whole life.

and now my son is 13 years old, hes in 2nd yr high school. so hard headed whew... but i want to be his bestfriend, his buddy in life.. i want him to be open with me.. and now hes starting courting.. and i said NO NO NO please. i told him to enjoy his youth while his young, i dont want him to experience what i have experienced, though hes a guy its still not an excuse, coz they said its okay with him to have a girlfriend at young age, its still a no no no for me.. i want him to be responsible in all means...

and my youngest matthew, i sent him to school also hehhee hes just a visitor in their school ... but iam happy coz he can recognize all the colors, names of the animals and the likes..

i want to give the best of them. i even resigned at work just for them. i decided to stop working since i dont have a baby sitter anymore.. and its really different if we mom are the one who will take good care of our children.

iam happy being singlemom though its not really really easy to be one.

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