Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday PArty of AMber

THe Party is held @ Jolibee MAtina 2nd Floor 4PMshes AMber Osinar today is her 3rd bday... and shes a classmate of my son MAtthew DAnielle
Amber's DAdi Edward.. i wasnt able to get a chance to have a picture with her mom , her mom is very bz entertaining other guests

Me and my son MAtthew....

MAtthew and Ayen,, shes also a classmate of my son.. shes also 2 yrs and 5 months , shes the youngest in there class

Amber's birthday cake... so girly girly.. hehehehe

games games.... its trip to jerusalem.. but my son did not won the game at all.. LOL

JOlibeeee.... the mascot,,, and my son is soooo afraid with him.. and hes hiding under the table LOL

did u see MAtthew there?? u can see him there.. hes afraid, unlike other kids, their enjoying playing with Jolibee.. whew
and so the party ended at around 6:00PM

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