Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hunnyken's Farm

whew such a day off for me.. we've been to hunnyken's farm .Team Pahak had a tour in kenly's farm located in istorga toril... whew its about 35 hectares that big? yah that big

here's the evidences: LOL this is ken ken and alfie.. taking pitcutures with the other participants of the suvivor philippines LOL
alliance church . the oldest church in their place...

hes name is Don keny santamaria LOL .. grinning while his guiding us to his farm .. whew
wowwwwwwww pomelo.... not our luck coz its not ripe then..
coconut tress... and with a horse.. wana ride??? LOL

durian tree... it has 200 durian trees
mango.... it has also 200 mango trees...
whew... durian, banana, lansones..
a (batis) look at that??? so natural

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