Monday, January 05, 2009

Change your LIFE....... now !

1. START a rock band. theres not really any money in it for ages, if at all. so be prepared to love the music because the money is the dream. if you want to get gigs, scout the local scence, talk to bar owners, pitch your band and be willing to perform for free. (says ALessandra Tinio of THE DORQUES)

2. MAke a Movie... if its only a short film and you have your own camera and editing equipment, then P10,000 could be enough. short film courses are offered everywhere near to your place. (says Michiko Yamamoto of ufo Pictures)

3. Publish a novel... write books that offer tips and advice, expecially financial advice - they always sell. for distributions contact ANvil Books (says book designer IGe Ramos)

4. BEcome a painter .... the key words are passion and spontaneity.. follow your heart abd ubstinct.. (says MErcy Gamboa)

5. DEsign your own jewelry line.... Mia Villanueva spent many years in investment banking before she started designing her eponymous line of jewelry and bags full-tiime.

and lastly

6. Create your own BLOG.... if you have the passion in writing, editing, designing over the web.. then this is our chance to earn money.. it might the reason for us change our life... we do not have be employed, your the boss... practice makes perfect..

welcome to all new bloggers, so do I?

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