Friday, January 02, 2009

WHat I Did For New Year?

feeling cover girl of YES magz.. LOL
pose with my youngest son matthew danielle hes 3 yrs old

pose with my eldest son darrylle von clyde.. hes turning 14 yrs old

pose withmy outlaws.. HAHAHA... just kidding... shes kissey one of my bestfriend shes the sister of my past. LOl and the other girl is NEneng, wife of Belly couzin of my past... LOL and baby REnz... hes so cute
actually, i did not prepare anything for the midnight for NEw YEar. i was really tired and i have a fever that night because i cleaned the entire house since the renovation is not yet finish... so i dont have enough energy to cook or prepare a food for to eat during the might.
i did not even bought fruits (the 12 kinds of circle fruits) for they said its for "good luck " LOL i just pray to HIm that even if i dont have those stuff pls shower us more blessings for the 2009.
and also my neighbor my best friend as well, she went to our house just to great happy new year and i did the same thing to her and she asked me if what i have, and i said i dont have anything to eat because i was really tired the whole day. and she said , dont worry il get something to eat to our house because i prepared a simple dinner for us. and i said to myself God is soooo GOOD anytime that HE is really a good provider just ask and He's always willing to give.
and also my close friends texted me January 1, 2009 that they wanted to have dinner with us and they will bring foods for us.. see? i really did not expect those things to happen.. and they also invited us to join them to go to the beach and bring the kids.. such a blessings to us that there are people who have good heart and very kind as well.. thank you so much guys i realy cant forget this , you may have more blessings to receive and more power to all your career.
welcome 2009 to all!

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