Tuesday, January 06, 2009

No third party in Jolina-Bebong break-up?

just this morning when i watched in the television and its showbiz news.. i saw Jolina MAgdangal was being intervied by the press and she actually confirmed that the rumor about the break up with her boyfriend Bebong Muñoz is true, and she dont want to give further details about what had happen, she'd rather keep it for herself instead, she added...

and this afternoon ive read an article in the news paper, about also their break-up, its seems that all the shobiz news, and tabloids, the topic is about the break-up.. well its kinda shocking to all maybe, specially to her fans because she commits herself to that guy, and they were 6 years huh?.. that long.. life is like that.. LOL..

and here's the conversation between her dad Jun, her manager as well, when he was inteviwed by Ricky Lo,


Recalled Jun, “On Christmas Eve, the whole family had our noche buena. The next day, Christmas Day, we were at home entertaining our relatives. On Dec. 26, the whole family went to Tagaytay, except for Jolina who stayed behind because she said she was fixing her things; aayusin daw niya ang kanyang room. She followed us on Dec. 28 and that’s when she very casually told us that she had broken up with Bebong. Ganoon lang ka-simple.”

Even if he noticed that something was “unusual” (like Bebong’s absence at the Magdangal residence last Christmas), Jun said that he kept things to himself and didn’t bother to ask Jolina.

“As her manager,” said Jun, “I mind only her professional life. Hands off ako pagdating sa kanyang personal life, especially sa kanyang love life.”

But Jun was sure that there’s no “third party” in the break-up.

Bebong left on Dec. 30 for the States where, as far as Jun said he knew, he’s going to work, which means that he’ll be away for a long while."

well if its a long distance love affair its hard to both parties, they might not understand something, or maybe lack of communication .. communication is a most fundamental between both parties in a relationships..

actually im not a fan of Jolina Magdangal, but my younger sister do.. but i knew how it feels after the break-up.... whew LOL

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