Friday, November 14, 2008

Animals ARe kind Beings, TOO

when a poor man decides to adopt a homeless child, he is called altruistic (altruism is an act of doing things selflessly). sometimes we are altruistic without knowing it. but did you know that even animals can be altruistic, too?

in May 2005, a Border Collie nursed two newborn tigers at thee Heifei Zoo in China. In September 2006, a Dachshund in the United States adopted kittens.

even birds do it. A Florida scrub jay was spotted to help its own species in breeding. fierce lions are joining the bandwagon of over 220 birds and 120 mammals and variety of other animals.

such unexplainable behavior of animals actually reveals a flaw in Charles Darwin's Theory of natural selection, which states that "animals behave in a competitive manner to be able to survive.

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