Saturday, November 15, 2008

Recollection :)

when you heard of a word recollection, what comes first in your mind? its a religious contemplation, the action or power of recalling to mind.. yesterday, i attended a recollection at Holy Cross of Mintal coz my niece Kaye is goin to have her First Communion.. the invitation said it will start at 7:30 AM.. whew that early, and so i woke up early and prepare myself. i arrived at exactly 725am there. one (1) sister saw me and she smiled at me and she said, wow you're early very nice and she made a joke pa.. (she said, makalibre jud ko nimu pamahaw and i just laugh) iam the first who arrived in the AVR. and so i just sat down there and waited for the other parents to come. and they started at exactly 830am though some came late.

ive learned a lot from the lecture of the speaker .. the TOpic is about Eucharist and SIn. whew.... kinda complicated and broad topic.. ive just learned that we as an individual are born as sinners, coz its started ADan and EVe, they committed sin in the Paradise of the Lord. but still doesnt mean that we are sinners theirs no more chance to enter the kingdom of GOd. Their is, as long as we will ask forgiveness of all our sins.

ive also learned about parenting, because the speaker also discussed about it. since were all parents there and its really intended for us the said recollection. we parents are be very careful of what we do, what we say, because our children might imitate us, we have to be the role model for them, a good example for them, though its really hard ... but thats our responsibility being a parent.

and after the 1 hour of the discussion, they hired priests for us to confess... whew i said to myself i will really have to confess all my sins.. and now i feel that my heart is not heavy, i mean it was released, knowing that i confessed already. i went home and i feel great and happy.

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