Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thank You!

as ived check my blog this afternoon, i was so happy and amazed that there are 8 comments on my post just last night about MMK or MAalaala Mo Kaya.. a story of a pregnant and she has cancer. they iam so thankful that in a simple way i was able to help Eloisa by posting her story here. and many people who has soft hearted and they wanted to help Eloisa.. and they're asking me how to contact her or how to make donations because the number they gave is not in service accordiing to the other commnentor.pls try to help me on how or where if somebody wants to donate or help her out.. and pls try this link also

again just post a comment on this post if you have any idea how to reach Eloisa.. thnx again and more power .. Godbless you all!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,

I am eloisa's aunt. I've read all your comments regarding Eloi and in behalf of our family, we really want to thank all of you and all the people who have prayed and helped Eloisa financially. Eloisa is scheduled to have a Cobalt and or chemotheraphy after recuperating from her C-section surgery. It will be a long process for her because at some point, the cancer has metastasised already. But with the help of God, we are hopeful that in His time, Eloisa will be totally healed. The baby even thou tiny, is ok and doing well. Yes, we call him "the Miracle Baby" because even the doctors claimed that they have seen a miracle when Amiel Ian was born on January 12.

Once again, thank you so much for all the love and prayers you have given to Elois.


Avic Niblack email add: