Thursday, November 20, 2008

Small but Deadly!

Ants may look small and helpless. but never underestimate them, because there's one ant species that is considered as the most venomous insect in the world. This small but deadly insect is called the Maricopa harvester ant (Pogonomyrmex maricopa).
The MAricopa harvester ant can be found in Arizona, United States. Harvester ants tend to be very fierce when they sense danger near their home colonies, so having a deadly venom is their trademark.
Insect venoms are basically made up of amino acids, peptides, and proteins. the special feature of the harvester ant's venom is that it has alkaloid as poison. this ant puts poison on its enemies by holding a part steady using its pincers. it then stings the animal a lot of times, making the poison enter the animal's body.
the VEnom of the harvester ant is said to be very poisonous as it can make a 2-kilogram rat drop dead with 12 stings. this ant surely beats other bigger insects, like the honey bee, as for as venom is concerned.
The harvester ant is one example that the power of things cant be seen just on size alone. harvester ants are indeed small but mighty.

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