Sunday, February 15, 2009

Best Mom Award!

happy family even no dad around.LOL the girl is my niece kaye.. i am the one whos taking care of her since her mom is sick before. but now my sister is very okay already.

gosh i really cant imagine that sudhersana will give me this BEST MOM AWARD!... i was so happy and i feel so blessed and proud being a mother. firstime ever! HAHAHAHA
and its really true that being a mother is not an easy task, its a lifetime responsibility. guiding them in the right path, teach them good attitudes, send them to school, and take good care of them. and its more harder in my part since i am a single mother. but i didnt think that way.. i just do my part being the mother,, though im not perfect!.. and im proud of my kids, my two lovely sons!
another pose of a happy family! hahahahha

Here are the cute rules for these cute awards:

1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s).
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
4. Nominate other blogger mom's out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

i'd also love to share this award to my friend

And I also love to pass the award I received from sudhersana :)
Thank you so much for accepting these awards, MOMS!
Please copy the code for the animated flash best mom award by clicking the link below the award :)


zacky said...

be happy always.. to be success

analyn said...

thanks Ganda sa award I already posted on my blog...Thanks again Godbless

Analyn said...

tHANKS GANDA i already posted it on my blogs..take care