Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eloisa MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) New Updates

just this after i called up her husband (Eloisa) because the last time i talked to him he said that its either DEcember 27,2008 she will give birth.

but yesterday her husband told me that the doctor did not allow or the doctor said that she cant give birth still, coz the baby is very small but the good news is the baby is ok and healthy. she might give birth on January 7-10,2009 thats the new schedule.

and i asked him if how is Ms. Eloisa.? he said that she kinda ok, still the doctor cant treat her because of the baby... i said to myself that thanks God that she and the baby are okay.. maybe our prayers are answered...

pls continue pray for them peeps... we know how hard it is if were in her shoes, we dont forget to thank God that were healthy and were so blessed.

still followers and readers on my blog, pls continue support her, if you think that you have extra and more blessed, please try to visit them. here's the contact # 09082244736.

see yah to my next updates and my latest post.. thanks for always visiting my blogs.

Happy Holidays to all!!!!

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marites salce said...

yah.. its really to hear that shes still ok and the baby.. we will continue praying for her and the baby! thnx for ur comment carlos.. god bless u always

lunaticg said...

May god bless her and her child.
See you around friend.

marites salce said...

yes thanks god, actually she texted me a while ago, asking if iam the one from cebu who visited there in the hospital, coz i never talk to her kasi, her husband only coz i think she cant text...