Friday, December 26, 2008

What Ive Got this Christmas!

this are the stuff ive got this christmas, thats my sister's present for me, she mailed it really for this christmas, how sweet of her huh? .. and she sent many make up's, chocolates, blouses, stufftoys, towels..
and now i decided to sell some of the make-up she sent coz its too many..
you guys would like to order? those are from japan, its imported and the colors are pastels, that would fit to your daily outfit... its only P150.00.
just post a comment if u want to order. see yah!

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Jan said...

Hi, nope, di po ako oorder. Just dropped to say hello, greet you a merry christmas and a prosperous new year. At ano pa ba? Ah, baka may tira ka pang handa. I'm willing to help you clean that up. Hehehe... I found the link to your blog thru BlogCatalog. Added you as friend there, went straight here to have a look-see. Great personal blog you have here. Kung di mo ko pameryendahin (pushing my luck), sige alis na po ko, punta pa me sa technorati fave page ko. Ipi-fave na rin kita, bago ko makalimutan. Happy holidays. Cheers!