Sunday, December 14, 2008

PArents Day!

yesterday Holy Cross of Mintal celebrating PArents Day.. btw, my son and niece are enrolled to HCM.

it was so emotional and touching moments, why? because the students are exerting efforts to give something for their parents or guardians. some students gave messeges for parents.. saying sorry for being rude, insensitive, and disrespectful sometimes. they thanked for their parents for doing the best for them, trying to provide everything for their sons or daughter.

the main thought there is whatever happens parents are always there to support even if their child are bad or a rebel.

here's what ive got yesterday from my son Clyde and niece KAye:

the flower that my son "clyde" gave me ... he gave it late but its ok am so happy and touched. :P

the stuff my niece "kaye" gave me: a letter and a flower and token.. so cute.. i really cried. whew :D

the message of her card she gave me... see that? shes so cute ever!

its hard to be a mother , to be a father... but iam very happy.. thnx kids !

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