Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Having a Good Heart!

remember my post about the story of MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya?) iam posting her story here because thats my way of helping her since i dont have cash to donate or help her out, this is my way of helping her and iam so glad that a lot of people and bloggers posting their comments that they wanted to help her for those who still dont know how to contact her i will paste one of the comments and she put all the details about Eloisa and how to reach her.
Hi! I was just looking for Eloisa's full name to include her in our prayers. I searched it at google and found this blog. Im currently in the US and one of my friends know her way back in high school. She said, Eloisa has been telling them that she has cancer but she seemed perfectly fine then, so nobody really payed much attention. So for Jaewon's question if the eldest son caused the cancer - definitely a no. She was diagnosed way before and was cured. But sometimes, cancer cells become active again, and like in her case, she was not able to treat it right away, it spread out affecting vital parts of her body. Well anyways, I sent some help for her thru my brother-in-law and was handed to Eloisa's husband. My brother-in-law was able to speak with Eloisa personally thru phone and she said that the operation scheduled on Dec 7th might be posponed. She's not eating so the baby has not enough nourishment to survive after birth. So she has a dextrose that I think is inserted in her neck (used to be in the arm, but vein is so weak and gets loose) to supply nourishment for the baby. According to my friend, she was at the hospital last week- Wed, and she was fine. But the following day, she was intubated and for some reason, the doctors found out there's something wrong with her lungs now. Let's continue to be in prayers for her. Her full name is Eloisa Salisi and let me know if you need her contact number. We're not friends in any way, but Im doing this hopefully to help her a little bit more. I won't be posting here her contact number to avoid pranks. Send me an email thru - if you are interested in getting in touch with her. She has a wireless (bayantel) landline in her room at the hospital, and if she has enough strength, you might be able speak with her. Let us please continue to pray for her. Thank you.


to those people who have good heart and wanted to share your blessings to Eloisa pls read this blog... merry christmas to all and more power !

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