Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Successful Playboy!

after dating for so many years, a husband admitted that he was one of the happiest married guys in the whole world. when asked why, he pointed our that he had maintained his exciting and thrilling relationship with his girlfriend and still maintained his ardent love and care for his with and children.

when interviewed why he had to date other women and not exclusively his wife, he explained that it was the only way to keep his youth and maintain his drive. to satisfy his instincts for curiosity and change without necessarily leaving his wife and children.
when asked: "in your dates, did you have any plan of eventually leaving your wife?" He replied - "NO, i have always loved by wife. I only flirted and made friends just to maintain my youth and drive. There were no commitments and births involved." It was good for my health.

"My dates were done secretly. They were confined to secluded places. I never dates in public like eateries, movies and parks because i did not want my wife, my children and my friends to see me. i was careful not to hurt her feelings would adversely affect our marriage. PErhaps, the rest of our lives. Besides, i would not only lose her respect and that of my children, but also my leadership at home and in our business."

This married mas was a business executive. After thirty years of faithful and dedicated service, he retired with plaques of appreciation and substantian retirement pay. He dated girls but he was always very discreet in all his dates. Thus, he never hurt anybody, especially his wife.

When asked why his wife never knew about his dates, he pointed out that he dated only during lunch time. HE thought that this was an appropriate time for him to go out because whenever his wife would call up to his office, it would be easy for his secretary to answer back "He is out for lunch." When his wife would fetch him from office at five o'clock in the afternoon, he was always there on time waiting for her. How could she find out?

On his 40th wedding anniversary, he confessed that he was once a playboy but that he had always been a good provider, a good husband; a good father and lately, a good grandfather. AT age 67 , he is still strong and successful in business. According to him, by being a playboy he was able to maintain his youth, his drive, his positive attitude, and his good health. One that made him and his dates happy without hurting anybody.
(now girls u know what are the signs if ur date or bf is a married guy.. if he invited u during lunch time?? hmmmm... dated in very puclic places.. hmmm??? now goodluck..!!!!LOL?

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