Monday, July 28, 2008

Can You Change Your Careers?

Sure, but here are some things to remember, according to survey...

1. ask yourself why you're really unhappy in your present job, and why. if its the work that you dont like - like Ces' " misery deluxe" - its time for a change. if its some other factor, a career shift might not be the solution.

2. be aware of your obligations. if you need the money, dont jump ship until you have an alternative source. Rob still keeps his sidelines active just to be sure he can "earn my own keep." Its not a good idea to just bum around if you have bills to pay or people to support.

3. Assess your options, and study them. If the work you really want needs new skills, invest in education.

4. If you dont know what to do, be open to serendipity. Margaux found her writing subject of choice while "floating" in New York - an assignment that happened to be about food.

5. if you're really sure and really passionate, though, go for it! Dont waste your time in "practical" cources that you dont care about, anyway. Save your energy for the real game.

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