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17 Principles of Success!!!!

1.) Positve Mental Attitude ---- is the right attitude in a given situation. it is not a Pollyannaish notion that everything will turn out all right if you only look on the bright side. it is rather a conscious effort to replace negative, self-defeating thoughts with positive, full-filling thougths.

2.) Definiteness of Purpose ---- set your goal, road map to achieving an overall career objective, goals represent specific steps along the way. most important,having a definite purpose manifests itself in a burning desire that will help you focus all your energies on reaching your goals. your purpose will be come your life, it will permeate your mind, both conscious and subconscious.

3.) Going the Extra Miles ------ if u do more that you are paid to do, it is inevitable that you will eventually be paid for more that you do. but that truism is not widely accepted. people seem to naturally divide themselves into two groups: those who cheerfully to their best at their jobs and those who seem to have the attitude, "when they pay me what im worth, i'll give them what they pay for." our society demands that instant gratification. we want what we want., we want it now. most real rewards, however, dont come that way. Usually, you must be willing to do the work, to give more than you are asked. before you began to collect the interest on your investment.

4.) Learning from Defeat ----- its true, think of the people you have known personally who failed at one thing, only to go on to great succes at something else. seldom is defeat permanent. failure often has the habit of placing one in a position that requires unusual effort. many a man has wrung victory from defeat, fighting with his back to the wall when he could not retreat.

5.) Personal Attitude ------ initiative often manifests itself in leadership. if u are a person of action who takes responsibility for getting a job done, others will respond to your example. initiative is the trait that says "Lets get going; lets do something, even if its wrong.

6.) Enthusiasm ------ is a state of mind that inspires and arouses a person to action. it is contagious and effects not only the enthused, but everyone with whom he or she comes in contact. enthusiasm is to a person what gasoline is to the engine of an automobile: the vital moving force. it is a fuel with which great leaders inspire their followers; it is essential in salesmanhsip; and it is by far the the most important factor in public speaking. if u mix enthusiam with your work it will never be difficult or monotomous. it will be fun and exciting.

7.) A Pleasing Personality ---- people to do business with people they like. if competitive factors such as quality, service, price, and delivery are more or less equal, the deciding factor for most of us will be to deal with an individual or organization to whom we can relate. the first essential is to develop character. it is inlikely that you can have a pleasing personality without the foundation of a sound, positive character.

* be genuinely interested in otheres. find their good qualities and praise them.

* speak with force and conviction not only in meetings and public gatherings, but in private conversations as well.

* dress for success according to your age, physical build, and the type of work you do.

* learn to make hands in the way that expresses warmth and enthusiasm. (if this seems sillly and basic, think back to the last cold-fish handshake you received. what is your impresssion of that person?)

* attract others to you by attracting yourself to them. talk about their interests rather than your own.

* always remember that your only limitations are those you set in your own mind.

8.) Self-Discipline ----- we have the reason, poise and balance to control ourselves, to do whatever we will. no other creature has ever been endowed with selfcontrol you posses. you have the power to use the most highly organized form of energy known to man - that of thoughts. you have the power to think and direct your thoughts in any direction you wish. you have the power to control your emotions. emotions is the result of a state of mind that you can control through Self-Disicipline. no can make you jealous, angry, vengeful, or greedy.

9.) Budgeting Time and Money ---- John Wanamaker, the Pheladelphia merchant king, once said, "The man who doesnt have a fixed system for the use of his time and money will never have financial security unless he has a rich relative who leaves him a fortune." providers of professionals services - doctors, lawyers, accountants, and consultants - are keenly aware that time is the only thing they have to sell. they develop a system of accounting for their time, an hourly rate that covers the cost of doing business and builds in a profit. its a lesson for us all, time is our greatest asset. it is the one asset you posses that can be converted into any form of wealth you choose. you can spend it wisely. or you can squander it and spend your entire life without a purpose beyond that of securing food, clothing an shelter. the average persons time can be divided into three parts: sleep, work, and recreation. truly successful people also budget the income and outgo of their money as carefully as they budget their time. a definite amount is set aside for food , clothing, household expenses, for savings and investments, for charity, and for recreation. personal savings and investment are frequently the areas that are neglected when other expenses increase,but there is an often overlooked side benefit of savings. in time of emergencym even a modest bank account can give you courage and security; in times of prosperity, it will bolster your self-confidence and reduce anxiety. worry over money matters can kill your ambition ..... and YOU!

10.) Maintaining Sound Physical and Mental Health --- you need not be seriously ill to evoke this principle. it might be difficult to document, but no doubt you have known people who simply refuse to be ill - perhaps you've experienced the phenomenon yourself - because they have pressing commitments that they must honor, regardless of the circumstances. that extra energy can make the difference between winning or being defeated by the competition. a healthy body will help you attain the confidence that, coupled with Positive Mental Attitude will help you achieve your loftiest goal.

11.) The MAster - Mind Alliance ---- in contemporary terms, The MAster-Mind Alliance might be defined as networking of the highest order. it is the sharing of ideas, information, and contacts in a spirit of perfect harmony to work toward a common purpose. the master-mind is not some sort of parapsychological hocus-pocus. you may have experienced it in a brainstorming exercise when you each other until you finally arrived at the greatest idea of all. its a relatinship that should be nurtured and encouraged to develop, but it is not always easy to achieve such harmony. but it is worth the effort. choose to associate with people who share common values, goals, and interest, yet who each have a strong individual desire to contribute to the overall effort.

12.) Teamwork ---- differs from the master-mind alliance in one important respect. members of a master - mind alliance share a commitment to the same Definite Purpose, while a team may represent the cooperation necessary for each member to realize a goal that may be shared only termporarily. any great leader - in business, finance, industry or politics - understands how to create a motivating objective that will be enthusiastically embarassed by every member of the team. find a motive that people can be persuaded to rally around in an emotional, enthusiastic spirit of cooperation and you have created an unstoppable force.

13.) Creative Vision ---- imagination is the workshop of the mind, where old ideas and established facts can be reassembled into new combinations and put to new uses. it might be called the hub of the seventeen principles because every other success principle leads to imagination and makes use of it, just as all telephone lines lead to the exchange office for their source of will never have a definite purpose in life, you will never have self-confidence, you will never have initiative and leadership unless you first create these qualities in your mind and see yourself owning them.

14.) Controlled Attention ----- this principle could best be defined as the ability, through habit and practice, to keep your mind on one subject until you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with it, and mastered it. you will achieve your goals when you focus your thoughts on your definite, written, realistic plan of action and imagine yourself in the position of having accomplished what you set out to do. nothing was ever created by any human being that was burning desire and controlled attention transformed into reality. you can do it if you believe you can.

15.) Accurate Thinking ----- the human brain has often been compared to a computer, and in many ways it is similar. both can store and process information, but there is one significant difference in the methods they use. the best method might to be approach all the "facts" with a healthy skepticism.

16.) Apllied Faith ---- in simplest terms, mean action. it is the application of your faith in yourself, your faith iin your fellowman, your faith in opportunities that are available, and your faith in God - under any circumstances. when you decide to guide yourself according to a code of conduct that is fair and just, you set in motion a power that will run its course for good in the lives of others, and will inevitably return to help you like the proverbial bread cast upon the water.

17.) Using the Cosmic Habit Force ----- we are ruled by habits, they become a part of our makeup through repetition of our thoughts and acts. we can control our destinies and our way of life only to the extent to which we can control our habits. good habits which lead to success can be learned and acquired; bad habits can be broken and replaced by good ones - at will - by anyone. man is the only animal that can do this; we alone are not unalterably ruled by instinct. all of your succes and failures are the result of habits you have formed. you can change your life and control your destiny through the application of this principle.

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