Sunday, July 20, 2008


My sister told me to get the authenticated birthcertificate and marriage contract of my mom as one of the requirements for her application for passport and visa. as i heard that you can get those at NSO office (National Statistics Office) if you are a direct member of the family, so meaning i can get the papers in behalf of my mother. and then, i arrived there at around 12:30 noon time. many people there are already falling in line. no seats allocated, their just sitting in the lobby since its lunch break. they will resume at 1:00pm. as i arrived there i ask the guard a form to fill up with, and theirs a lot of walking vendors selling envelopes, ballpen and paper. since i forgot to bring a ballpen i bought one. theirs no table where you can write or fill up the form, and so i decided to find a place or a carenderia so that i can fill up the form. grrrrr a lot things to fill up with, and i really dont know the detailed about the marriage of my mother.. hahahaha since we are a broken family, and i dont even know nor see my father personaly. and then i called up my mother asking the details, the date and what place of their marriage, what is the maiden name of my father.. waaaaaaa!!!!! so ironic huh?? well thats life.. hahahhaa!!!! then its about 1:00pm, i decided to go back to the NSO office and i was so surprised that the line was soooo long already its really really hot that day. then i just fall in line, what else i can do. when its really 1:00 pm somebody is shouting, i think hes a fixer, he said ohh for those applicants that are not their personal application, be sure that you have your authorization letter and a valid I.D of the person that you're going to get their authenticated papers with you. i was shocked coz i dont have those stuff. then i called his attention and i said i will get my mother's authenticated birthcertificate and her marriage contract and iam a direct member of the family right?? then he said mam basihin po ninyo ung nasa door and it is posted there. (sighed) i dont want to get embarrashed since i was already falling in line. and so i talk to him in silent, i told him that i have already an authorization letter (but am just planning to write one and i did not tell him about that). however i dont have an I.D of my mother with me. then he answered no problem ma'am ako bahala, hmmmmm so am thinking that he will get some money from me, well thinking that hes a fixer. LOL.... then i asked how?? i will get a cedula in Agdao for your mother, give me the name and etc. and so i did,,, i gave money for his fare and for the payment of the cedula. so i just stayed in my line still.. waiting for him to come back.. in couple of minutes hes back, and he said, ok get inside now and go upstairs and look for Ms Carmen and now i was a lit nervous, maybe she ask me a lot of informations that i cannot answer. hmmm i did follow his instruction, i went up there and look for ms Carmen, shes a terror one.. hmm!!! i sitted there politely while waiting coz theirs somobody also went up there. and so when its my turn, i was scared that she might caught me that iam the one who made the authorization letter for my mother and iam the one also who signed it. and so she asked me who's eufemia dalagan, i said my mother and where is she right now? i said shes in bohol.. i need an authorization letter form her. and am really scared,, and i wasnt able to show her the authorization letter that i made thinking that she will noticed it that iam just the one who made it and i forged the signature.. hmmmm (hindi sanay magsinungaling eh.. LOL) but i beg her that please just get me the papers in behalf of my mother since shes old and shes not here.. and she said then e fax nya day ang authorization.. (waaaaaaaa fax daw alang fax sa among bukid oii) so i did not argue with her anymore i went down and disappointed, and am looking for the man or the fixer to inform him what happened, then i saw him and he said ohh what happened? is it ok now? i said no! i did not show the letter i made am afraid. then he said.. bakit naman?? then i get mad already and i make (sapot na). then he said try to go back falling in line and now show the authorization letter and the cedula with the guy in the screaning area. and so i did follow him again, praying that makalusot na this time. and thanks God nakalusot nga.. hahahaaha!!!! and so after the screaning aread i fall in line again for the payment and waiting for my name to be called and get the papers... so i get the papers already after 30 minutes i think so i decided to go home and the fixer called me.. ohh musta, ok na?? i said yeah.. hmmm do i have to give an additional aside from the money i gave you for the cedula,? and i know its sobra talaga.. and he said yes mam, unsa nalang ato pangkaon ani.. waaaaaaaa!!! hmmm cge na nga... so i did give an additional.. pero kunti nalang.. (hayssss governtment agencies here in pinas talaga.. grabe) soooo tiring day.... but thank you Lord... iam done.

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