Saturday, July 19, 2008


Tubing a recreational activity of riding an inner tube either on water. These tubes are almost donut shaped to allow the rider to sit comfortably on their back across the top of the tube which buttocks in the center.

Tubing can also be performed by paddling.

HEre in Mindanao, there is one place where you will enjoy tubing. Its located in Darong, before going to Sta Cruz, its 30 kilometers away from DAvao city. These is a very simple place, not a river,, its like a stream with a big current of water.. no good cottages, no entrance fees, no restaurants, just bring your own (baon) food so that you will not get starve. Just rent the tubes (lumang gulong) with the guide person when you will ride.

Enjoy the ride... endulge the water and experienced the bruises caused by the big stones bumps you along your ride.

Were having fun here.. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

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