Sunday, August 24, 2008

Would You Trust An Online Friend?

ive just read this article :) have fun reading !

Let’s say you’ve got a friend (several, probably) that you’ve corresponded with online for years. You know how it is, a bunch of e-mails, maybe a group blog, some instant messaging, “digg this for me please”, hanging out in the same discussion groups and forums, those kind of things. You think you know him, he’s a friend.

However, you have never actually met this person. Maybe you’ve had a voice or video chat, but that’s it. Your primary way of communication is IM and e-mail.

Do you trust him? And if you do, would you lend him money?
I’m just wondering, because over the years I’ve had to decide on things like this numerous times, in fact, I just did a few weeks back. Trust prevailed, that time, but it hasn’t always. It is a hard thing, I think, and although I’d rather give someone the benefit of a doubt, sometimes I just can’t do it.

So how about you? Have an online friend asked for support in any way, be it money or something else, and how did you handle it? I’m curious.

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marites salce said...

for me yes as long as i have something to give.i mean extra for me..:)