Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Missed my Job!

i used to work at night and sleep at day time.. whats my job then??? hmmm ... guys am not a GRO if thats what u think huh?...LOL ... well i used to work in a callcenter. iam a callcenter representative.. meaning (taga sagot ng tawag) by whom? naks.... i was assinged in an inbound project, the customers will call us to place an order and were the one who will handle the transaction... some customers are so rude, deaf coz their age i guess, some customers are so mean coz hypocrite some are so nice and humble.... i do encounter a smooth transactions and some are very very bad experience..

the main probs with the callcenter job is that ,, customers are hard of hearing, some cant understand out accent as filipinos, and we also cant understand their accent coz they speak so slang and its like their eating the words.... and they will tell u .. u filipinos cant speak english and u idiot... i want to talk to ur manager or a supervisor,,,, that mean!!! and the manager or supervisor dont want to talk to them either.. waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!(magbinisaya nalang kaya noh?)LOL... but still am having fun working in a callcenter.. though im the favorite of the supervisors and traffic coz they will caught me sleeping everynight.. HAHAHAHA thats me.... and i kept on telling myself.. i hate this job grrrrrrrrrrrr i want to resign now! naks.. but still duty parin hays... until such time i dont have a yaya anymore and i decided to resign and thats the end of my career.. LOL

again i missed taking calls.. i missed the customers cursed... HAHAHA.. i missed my salary everyday 13th and 29th of the month..

and also i missed my friends so much and my fave supervisor Ms Cling.. huhuhuhuhu

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