Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Fulfilling Day!

i woke up early, cooked for our breakfast and prepare the stuff of my kids.. eveything is ready goin to school... and today is also the exam day of my 2.7 yr old son matt-matt, whats new?? he got perfect again.. HAHAAHAAHA considering that hes only 2.7 yrs old???? well after his class, i went directly to downtown and pay all the bills, go the bank for my moms monthly allowance, and bought some stuff in the mall, like?? an electric stove.. wala lang.. LOL!!!
before i forgot i bought DVD's : WANTED and NARNIa (prince caspian) and latest collection of female pop hits.. whew!!!
as i arrived i watched the WANTeD movie.. and wow , its soooooo amazing, (pero atik pud gamay) LOL.... but guys ang ganda ni ANGELINA JOLIE.. HAHAHHAA

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