Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Rules of Love ---- ACcording to Roger Federer

How Life could be a grand slam? (but it can also suck, you know)

Roger Fererer a tennis junkie......

The rules are:

FOCUS ---- concentrate. zero is on the moment. u dont wander back or fastforward, you just stay put in the moment. you lock ur sight on the ball thats coming to you --- on that shot, not on the one before it or what might come after. otherwise you lose it, ot worse, you get hit. eye on the ball. focus on the memont.

LEARN THE STROKES ---- Like everything else in life, you cant fake it, at least not indefinitely. you'll be found out sooner or later.

TIMING ---- a good game depends on good timing. and so does life. you should know when to seize the opportunity - and when to pass it up. you sharpen the sensitivity for it - the feel for the right memont, the right shot.

RHYTHM ---- you know you're already into the good opponent will try to break. a relationship in rhythm: it could be as natural, smooth and life-enhancing as natures rhythm, or as disruptively stop-and-go as Edsa traffic know how to find own rhythm, then flow with it, while being ready for the offbeat.

ENERGY AND POWER ARE GOOD, BUT NEVER ENOUGH ----- if energy and power were all there was to it, Sharapova's incesant grunts and screams would have long ago given her the Grand slam. this is where Federer is way above the league, the consummate champion whos more than an athlete. he knows to harness that energy and power. not be a slave to it. he's in control of his game. in life, mindless, undirected energy gets you nowhere. there must be some of purpose to what we do, if not all the time at least most of the time.

BE CREATIVE ---- creativity in not only for artist, it is for those who want to get the most out of a day. what makes a game rivetings is watching Federer, not only winning, but seetting up those shots, how he prepares or lays the groundwork for a winner, how he homes in for the kill. sometimes you cant rush to a winning shit, you work towards it. the thrill is in the journey.

TAKE A RISK, RUSH TO THE NET ------ this is not exactly my favorite move, but one must do it to win a point. get out of your comfort zone that is the baseline, and rush to the net to volley. you must sometimes.

BE PATIENT, PERSEVERE ----- this is something i realize the more i play tennis, its not only a battle of wills, its a lesson in patience. in a match between those with the same level of skills, experience and intelligence, the one who is more patient, and who resists the urgue to rush a point, wins. in a relationship the one who can sit it out and suffer through it all wins the guy. learn how to wait . how to bide your time.

ITS ALL ABOUT NERVES ----- At crunch time, a player can "choke" and lose the point. its how you manage your nerves come matchpoint. its also how you control your temper. this is what separates the men from the boys. in a relationship, fight the urge to be homicidal or suicidal. the world will go on without you, unfortunately.

DONT OVERPLAY, DONT OVERANAYLZE ----- paralysis by analysis. that can happen in a game. you wonder about a shot too much, you miss the next one. in a relationship you can analyze only so much. there are moments when you just have to take whats coming and return those shots. you roll with the punches. live each day as it comes.

MOVE ON ----- dont dwell on that botched shot. this is the hardest things to do in a relationship - learning how and when to let go and to walk on.

now u can work for a grand slam, like Federer.. now if unlike him, you dont make it, and least you played. As Randy Roddick said, after losing to Federer miserably, "it was frustrating, it was miserable , it sucked. but besides that, it was fine.

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