Monday, September 08, 2008

Mama Mary's Bday!

today is MAMA MARY's BDAY! i wasnt able to attend the mass, however i attended the harana for her... last sunday during mass they announced that the time for harana for MAMA MARY"S BDAY is 6:00pm, then we came early so that we will not be late and we can still sits in the front.. amd with my son matt, his mommyla, mommy ging, ang neneng.. the 4 of us... (hays haska ka dugay nag start) i think they started at around 7:15pm already.. isint it too late huh?? LOL and so my son is like starting to make papansin na.. hahahahha.. (hanap dodo, gusto na nya umuwi.. waaaaaaaaaa.. hindi pa nga tapos baby) and so i kept playing with hin in silent way.. naks!!!! i just told him to keep quit coz the preist is their and the sisters and its mama mary's bday.. then he will keep quit for a moment, then go back to again.. he keeps on bugging me to go home na.. and so i decided to go home even though the harana is not yet done.. well i dont want to disturb other people their just because of my son.. hes annoying already..

the harana is very solemn, the choires are really really good.... so amazing... that was my first time to attend such harana...
thank you LOrd for the opportunity that i was able experienced that kind event in the church.. eventhough i wasnt able to finished it.. HAHAHAHA

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