Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aquino gives preview on mining policy

MANILA, Philippines - President Benigno Aquino on Tuesday gave a preview of the executive order that he will issue to spell out his administration's policy on mining.
In a forum with members of the People Power Volunteers for Reform, Aquino reiterated that he prefers an increase in the share that the government gets from mining proceeds.
"A very simplistic way of looking at it: One hundred percent of the problem, if there becomes a problem, is our problem. But of the proceeds, only 2% is ours to take care of the 100% of the problem. Hindi yata fair. So there has to be an increase in what government gets," he said.
He also said that at least 78 eco-tourism sites "will not be exploitable to mining interests."
Aquino said various stakeholders are now going through the draft of executive order for their final inputs before he signs it.
"Last time na ilagay na ninyo ang inputs nyo. Agree ba kayo dito sa nakalagay na ito tapos magkakapirmahan tayo dito. I’m still awaiting yung pagbalik sa akin ng last go-around of this EO," he said.

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