Sunday, January 17, 2010

100 Filipinos in district of quake-hit Haiti found safe - DFA

MANILA, Philippines - 100 Filipino civilians in a district of earthquake-ravaged Port-au-Prince, Haiti have been accounted for and found to be in safe physical condition, the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs said Sunday.

A DFA statement issued Sunday cited a report by Lt. Col. Lope Dagoy, 10th Philippine Contingent commander in Haiti which said that an initial census was conducted to determine the current locations and conditions of Filipinos in the Delmas districts.

The statement said “some 100 Filipinos were identified, accounted for and found to be in safe physical condition” including 2 religious nuns with the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (ICM Sisters) of Haiti.

The DFA said Delmas is a district in Ouest Department of Port-au-Prince where a sizeable number of Filipinos reside. The list (see below) was reportedly drawn from 3 areas in the district - Delmas 31, Delmas 41 and Delmas 56.

A relief team composed of United Nations peacekeepers was sent to the area and were guided to and accompanied by Alan Martinez, treasurer of the Filipino community in Haiti, said the DFA in its statement.

The foreign affairs department said that members of the community in the area have been given some rice, sugar, oatmeal and coffee on Saturday.

The team was also able to reach Friday afternoon the group of Ms. Fely Tan (or Chan) and Henry Reobuya who reportedly earlier requested assistance due to peace and order concerns in their area.

The DFA said Philippine Honorary Consul in Haiti Fitzgerald Brandt is also helping coordinate efforts in responding to the need of Filipino community members.

A DFA official had earlier said that aside from 172 peacekeepers, there are 447 more Filipinos working in Haiti.


Meanwhile, the DFA said rescue efforts for 2 Filipinos, Grace Fabian and Geraldine Lalican, trapped under the collapsed Caribbean Supermarket are still ongoing.

A 40-person US rescue team is reportedly at the collapsed four-storey market and is helping in search and rescue efforts. The team was requested by the Philippine Peacekeeping Contingent through the US military attaché office in Haiti, said the DFA.

The DFA said that the rescue team leader informed the Philippine contingent that “they heard tappings and other indications of life among the rubbles.”

Extensive efforts are still ongoing, said the DFA, to rescue other officials, personnel and affiliated individuals who are still unaccounted including Filipino United Nations peacekeepers Army Sergeant Eustacio Bermudez, Air Force Sergeant Janice Arocena and Navy Petty Officer 3 Pearlie Panagui and Filipino UN civilian staff member Jerome Yap.

DFA list of Filipino community members in the Delmar district who were found to be in good health and safe condition are:

1. Mariflor Tuibeo
2. Nelson Lardizabal
3. Jocelyn Ortiz
4. Paul William Usana
5. Ramil Macalino
6. Melanie M Villamin
7. Frank Repizo
8. Maria Lucia Repizo
9. Kelly May Repizo
10. Kyle Kennette Repizo
11. Brenda Tambo
12. Dennis Tapat
13. Jonathan Villa
14. Lelaine M Villa
15. Jonna Leigh Villa
16. John Lloyo Villa
17. Moreto Casuyon
18. Adelina Manalansang
19. Berwyn Manalansang
20. Danica Manalansang
21. Wendyl Manalansang
22. Elina A Felipe
23. Johnny J Cabe
24. Gil Meru
25. Patrick Gecangao
26. Joel Bristol
27. Dominador Tiru
28. Nelson Blanco
29. Zosimo Melo
30. Andy Frias
31. Albino Villalba
32. Joselito Maniulit
33. Dante Rebanal
34. Arnel Cariaga
35. Ruben Martinez
36. Vener Maning
37. Roberto Cunanan
38. Arnel Barrera
39. Christian De Roxas
40. Rickson Dapasin
41. Freddie De Roxas
42. Sonny Maning
43. Sandy Maning
44. Ronil Maning
45. Renato Pera
46. Rene Jordan
47. Rey Jordan
48. Joseph Alama
49. Zarina Flor
50. Moises (Surname Not Given In DFA report]
51. Angelita Aguinaldo
52. Ryza Bagadiong
53. Joan Sespene
54. Corazon Obnial
55. Renato Bagadiong
56. Renelyn De Vera
57. Ferdinand De Vera
58. Rizalino Ramirez
59. Allzana Ramirez
60. Lourdes Cabalhin
61. Manolito Cabalhin
62. Dennis Cabalhin
63. Aurora Aguinaldo Mehlbaum
64. Elenita Granada
65. Ma Sanrio Granada
66. Juliane Del Rosario
67. Joaquin Tena
68. Oscar Mendoza
69. Mary Grace Joy Genaro
70. Richard Pasahol
71. Israel Pasahol
72. Lilibeth Mendoza
73. Pricilla Aguinaldo
74. Leah Tabigay
75. Rosalyn Fabian
76. Sherwin Magno
77. Fe Labalando
78. Remy Villero
79. Aries Mendoza
80. Agripino Cornejo
81. Joven Cruz
82. Boy Duran
83. Philip Benitez
84. Maricel Benitez
85. Jetro Benitez
86. Jana Benitez
87. Lily Sonico
88. Aurora Fernandez
89. Frankie Bagadiong
90. Dolor Bagadiong
91. Val Bagadiong
92. Ariel Bagadiong
93. Shiela Dubios
94. Henry Reobuya
95. Lucy Trinidad
96. Fely Tan
97. Jun Bacurin
98. Donna Bacurin
99. Sister Hermie
100. Sister Inden

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