Friday, November 20, 2009

Pacquiao ducks personal questions; Jinkee not beside her man

LOS ANGELES—Manny Pacquiao's ear was hurting when he arrived at his official after-fight party at the Highlands in Hollywood. He had just seen his doctor earlier in the day to take a look at it, and was told it would be OK.

As for his next fight, the champ's camp says they will not start negotiations with any boxer, even Foyd Mayweather, Jr., until HBO has released the figures from the Cotto fight.

“We don’t have to call anybody out. Everybody needs to come to us,” said Mike Koncz, Pacquiao’s adviser. “Manny will fight any fighter that’s put in front of him, provided the economics of the fight are reasonable and fair to everybody. We all know Mayweather likes to talk. That’s how he stirs controversy. Manny’s never done that, and we don’t need to start doing it. We’re above that.”

Pacquiao was supposed to have a half-hour press conference before the show but he cancelled at the last minute. Instead, he gave journalists five minutes for questions after his mini-concert.

Before the event, the press was instructed not to ask personal questions. Rumors have flown that Pacquiao is having an affair with Philippine actress Krista Ranillo, who was spotted in Las Vegas last weekend. Pacman's wife, Jinkee, was not at the party.

Koncz deflected any rumors about Manny’s life.

“The more financially sound you become, there's always going to be intrigues. Unfortunately, sometimes those intrigues are not what they’re let out to be. Manny's personal life is his personal life,” Koncz said.

But many of Pacquiao's fans say his personal life is a non-issue.

“He encompasses and embodies that Filipino spirit,” said Filipino rapper, Bambu.

“He can do whatever with his life. We appreciate what he does in the ring. That’s all we care about,” said fan Mark Aco.

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