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Teen daughter defends Chavit, 'My mother's not a battered wife'

MANILA, Philippines - The eldest daughter of Deputy National Security Adviser Luis “Chavit” Singson yesterday denied that her mother was a battered wife, contrary to what she said was being pictured in the media.

In a videotaped statement delivered to the office by one of Singson’s close associates, the 15-year-old girl disagreed with her mother, Rachel “Che” Tiongson, and practically absolved her father of any wrongdoing.

“What I know is that my Mom was never a battered wife. When she lived in this house she was living a happy life and if my Dad did purposely hurt her I would have seen it in her face or anything. But she was never really beaten up when she lived in this house,” the daughter said.

Tiongson earlier came out in the open and accused Singson, her live-in partner for 17 years, of physically beating and abusing her and her “boyfriend.”

Along with the videotape were four “love letters” dated July 8, 13, 21 and 22, 2009 allegedly written by Tiongson to the former Ilocos Sur governor.

Another undated letter shows a breakdown of items, which Tiongson was supposedly asking from her live-in partner.

“Just wanna thank you again for my medicines, etc. But Love, may kulang pa yung pinahihingi kong favor yesterday and (I) just write it here again,” the letter reads, apparently to explain the wherewithal of the amount of money that was being asked.

“I was shocked but at the same time I think what’s being shown in the news right now is a little bit exaggerated. My Dad is not like that,” the teenage daughter said.

The girl also explained that her parents were trying to fix things up and Singson even bought an apartment close to her mother’s house so that he could be with them and her siblings “any day or every week.”

“I know my Dad and I know that when my Mom left the house they were trying to fix things so I don’t know why they’re saying (that) they were separated when they’re trying to fix things,” she added, referring to her mother’s allegation that they had been estranged.

In an earlier interview, Tiongson said she finds nothing wrong with having a boyfriend because the two of them had already been separated since November last year.

She said she broke off with Singson because of his relationships with other women, some as young as their teenage children.

“Hi Love. Good morning. How are you today? How was your meeting? Is it doing well? I wanna hear more positive results from you and hope that you’re not that busy anymore. When are you free? So I can see you and sana you have more time to spend it with me,” part of the July 8 letter reads.

On Aug. 22, Tiongson said the 68-year-old Singson beat her up with a whip after barging into her rented apartment while she was having dinner with her boyfriend, a certain Richard Catral.

Telltale signs

Tiongson’s July 21 letter started with a verse taken from Deuteronomy 31:6, “He will not leave you nor forsake you,” and followed by a series of apologies for something that was not explained.

“First of all, humihingi ako ng kapatawaran sa mga nagawa kong pagkakamali at kung nasaktan ka man sa sulat ko, again I’m really sorry. Mayroon pa bang magbabago sa akin ngayon.”

The next day, Tiongson, in the same apologetic manner, wrote again but this time asking the governor to help her settle an apparent debt from a well-known department store.

“Love huwag ka na magalit sa akin please. Sorry na at please lang rin help me na lang kase last na naman ‘yan eh. Nakikiusap at nilalambing ko na sa’yo… Bayaran na lang natin ‘yung Rustan’s kase tinawagan na ako eh, hindi naman pwedeng magtago na lang ako,” the letter reads.

Four of the five letters were practically a monologue of how she needed money to maintain her and her children’s lifestyle, and how she pleaded to the former governor to replenish her dwindling allowance.

In her July 22 letter, Tiongson begged Singson for a fixed allowance aside from other amount to cover certain payables.

“At Love, pwedeng bigyan mo na lang ako ng fix amount para sa monthly ko tapos ‘yung mga electric, association dues, water, cable sa check mo na lang. What do you think?”

Singson: We’re never separated

Singson presented the same letters in his television interviews to belie the allegation that they were separated since November last year.

Siya mismo ang naghahabol sa akin. Siya ang humihingi ng reimbursement. Araw-araw may note sa akin, may I love you, I love you pa. So hindi totoo ang sinasabi niyang hiwalay kami (She was the one after me. She was asking for money, for reimbursements. Everyday she sent me notes, saying I love you, so it’s not true we’re separated),” he said the other day.

Singson, in an interview with ABS-CBN, also said he has evidence to prove that he is legally married to Tiongson, adding that it was up to the court to act on the complaint filed against him.

Kung nakikinig siya, lahat ng sinasabi niyang kasinungalingan, kakainin niyang lahat dahil may ebidensiya ako na hindi kami hiwalay (If she is listening, she will eat all those lies she said because I have evidence to show that we are not separated),” he added.

But the former Ilocos Sur governor said that if Tiongson insists on her claim that they are separated then he would accept it.

Ok lang hiwalay kami (It’s fine if we are separated). Good riddance. Pinaalis ko na noon eh, siya ang bumalik-balik (I kicked her out before, she just kept coming back),” Singson said.

He, however, emphasized that he will fight for the custody of their children and if Tiongson wins the court battle he would refuse to give support.

Mabuti pa sunugin ko na lang ang pera ko (I’d rather burn my money),” he said.

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